Annual Review of Competency Progression



This is the formal review of the progress that all DiTs are required to have. Panels are convened by the GP School to review the evidence submitted by you in your e-portfolio and make a recommendation to the RCGP certification unit about satisfactory completion of training.

All DiTs are required to have an ARCP for every year in training, whether working full or less than full time.

Prior to the ARCP (within 2 months), you are required to have an educational supervisor's review to review progress and to plan subsequent training. It is the DiT's responsibility to check their portfolio for the date of the ARCP and ensure all requirements are completed as per the above deadlines.  If you are out of synch and unsure about your ARCP then please contact a member of the team. 

ARCP panels review all aspects of your portfolio and give an outcome based on a judgment about your progress. Panel outcomes will appear on the portfolio and you are required to accept the ARCP form. Panels are constituted with a minimum of 3 members who may include GP educators, RCGP representatives, lay members, and representatives of employers. If your progress is satisfactory the panel may wish to give formative feedback, this will appear in the educators’ notes section of the e-portfolio.

It is the DiT’s responsibility to provide the required evidence in a timely manner for both the ESR and ARCP panel. If you have not provided sufficient you, you may receive an Outcome stating the action(s) and timescale to correct the deficiency.

If your evidence suggests unsatisfactory progress you will be awarded an Outcome stating the action(s) and timescale to correct the deficiency.

You will also be contacted by e-mail by a member of the GP School admin team. Please ensure that you take the necessary action within the time required or contact the GP School as soon as possible if there any problems.

If your progress is deemed to be not satisfactory by either your educational supervisor or the panel, you may be asked to attend in person to be given verbal feedback of the panel’s decision and the action required.

If you wish to request a review of a panel decision the initially you should e-mail or write to the Head of School giving your reasons. This will be treated as an informal appeal by the Head of School who may request the panel who made the original decision to review that decision and /or arrange an informal meeting with you to discuss the decision.

If you are not satisfied with the review or you have received an outcome 3 or 4 (removal from programme) you will be notified of the formal appeals process.



Documents with the preparation requirements prior to panels are available to download here.

How to avoid an Outcome 5

Work Place Based Assessments (WPBA)

As of August 2022, all DiT will be required to follow the new WPBA.  Full details be found HERE


TIS Self Service & Form R


Health Education England is delighted to announce that we will be rolling out TIS Self Service (TSS) to all those undertaking ARCPs from October 2022.  Form More information please click HERE


The details to how to use TSS and complete your Form R on TSS please click HERE


RCGP Safeguarding Requirements


You may be aware that the RCGP safeguarding requirements have changed recently. Please read the RCGP FAQ and Safeguarding Update, links below.

Panels will be looking for this evidence from June 2020.

The RCGP safeguarding page is here -

If you have any questions please discuss them with your Educational Supervisor or your Training Programme Director.


Appealing your ARCP decision

For further information please select HERE  


If you have a query to submit relating to ARCPs please email