Health Education North West: Postgraduate Medicine and Dentistry



The Postgraduate Medicine and Denstistry function is hosted by NHS England and oversees postgraduate medical education and training with a responsibility for over 8,000 trainees.

We committed to the development of a medical and dental workforce that will support high quality patient care in Greater Manchester, Cheshire and Merseyside, and Cumbria and Lancashire.

We are proud of the training that is commissioned and provided for our trainers, educational supervisors and educational leaders and our achievement to meet the GMC standards for training.


Key objectives are:

1. To commission and lead the development and delivery of the new medical and dental curricula to the standards set by the GMC and GDC.

2. To commission and lead the development of the medical and dental workforce to implement the Next Stage Review from good to great.

3. To ensure appropriate governance and support arrangements are in place to deliver the future medical and dental workforce.


Our Vision

Everyone associated with health care in the North West will be committed to a lifetime of professional development, be proud of the care they provide, support and challenge one another and strive for ever-increasing standards of patient-centred care.