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Head of School

Dr Liz Haslett
Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist

Blackpool Teaching Hospitals.  FY3 8NR              Email: 


Postgraduate Associate Dean


Email Address

Professor Pramod Luthra

Training Programme Directors

TPD Grades Region Contact
Dr Rebekah Samangaya ST1-2 NW;
Dr Helen Bradshaw Mersey

Dr Andrea Pilkington

ST3-5 NW

Dr Ash Alam Mersey
Dr Liz Haslett ST6-7 NW
Dr Helen Ribbans   Community Sexual & Reproductive Health


Deanery Support

Position/Role Name Contact
Specialty School Manager Emma Woods
Program Support Co-ordinator Caron Owens
Program Support Officer Kellie Lanigan


HR Contact

St Helens and Knowsley:


Key Links

Royal College of Obstetrcians & Gynaecologists -

Curriculum -

National Recruitment -

Local Recruitment -



Specialty Leads and Other Contacts

  Region Contact
Usha Rao Arrowe Park / Mersey Email
Sunday Ajayi Barrow / NW


Uma Chetan Blackpool / NW Email

Juthica Bardapure

Bim Williams 

Bolton-Salford / NW

Bolton-Salford/ NW



Melisa Thomas Chester / Mersey
Eva Myriokefalitaki Christie / NW Email
John Shanks East Lancs / NW Email
Shantha Narasimhan Lancaster / NW Email
Kiran Jilani Liverpool Womens / Mersey Email
Emily Fairclough Liverpool Womens / Mersey  Email
Shanthi Pinto Leighton / Mersey Email
jyotsna Acharya Macclesfield / Mersey Email

Tarun Ghosh

Nobles Hospital Email
Ritu Dalmia Oldham / NW Email
swapna Patankar Pennine / NW (Bury,NMGH,Oldham Rochdale) Email
Katie Robinson Preston / NW Email
Nira Ramchandran Southport / Mersey Email
Rachel Owen Stepping Hill / NW Email
Clare Mullan  St Mary’s / NW Email
Nathalie Smilovci Tameside / NW Email
Paul Adrinka Warrington / Mersey Email
Nidhi Srivastava Whiston / Mersey Email
Uzma Ghaffar Wigan / NW


Andrew Pickersgill Wythenshawe / NW


Martin Maher Regional Ultrasound Co-ordinator Email
Helen Collier Regional Ultrasound Co-ordinator Email
Karl McPherson Regional Ultrasound Co-ordinator  Email
SupporRTT Leads  


Nasira Misfar  SupporRTT Lead
Syma Ahmed  SupporRTT Lead
Andy Pickersgill Workplace Behaviour Champion


Laparoscopic/hysteroscopic regional simulation coordinators

Gaity Ahmad  

Royal Oldham


Zahid Khan

St Mary’s MFT  


Kenn Lim  

Salford Royal  


Hagir Mohamed 

Wythenshawe MFT 



ATSM Preceptors

Gynaecology ATSM WIS Preceptor (Northwest) Preceptor (Mersey)
Benign abdominal Surgery: open and laparoscopic 2.0

Andy Pickersgill,  (Wythenshawe) 

Kevin Thomas (Ormskirk)

Urogynaecology and Vaginal Surgery 2.0

Eric Mutema (Blackpool)

Lorraine Dinardo (Chester)

Subfertility and Reproductive Health 2.0

Lamiya Mohiyiddeen

Richard Russell (LWH) 

Oncology 2.0

P. Martin-Hirsch (Preston)

Rob MacDonald (LWH)

Acute Gynaecology & Early Pregnancy 2.0

Fiona Clarke

Kat Pavlidi 

Advanced Laparoscopy for the excision of benign disease 2.0

Tom Aust (Arrowe)

Abortion care 1.0


Ash Alam (Arrowe)

Colposcopy 1.0

P. Martin-Hirsch (Preston)

B DeCruze (LWH)

Hysteroscopy 1.0

Hani Shuheibar 

Vicky Cording

Paediatric & Adolescent gynaecology 1.0

Cara Williams

Sexual Health 1.0

Helen Ribbans:

Menopause 1.0

Anan Buolos

Vulval Disease 1.0

Ursula Winters (St Marys)

John Kirwan (Liverpool)

Obstetric ATSM      
High Risk Pregancy 2.0

Bindu Singhania (St Mary’s)

Karen McIntyre (Leighton)

Fetal Medicine 2.0

Mr. Chan (St Marys)

Devender Roberts (LWH) 

Labour Ward Lead 2.0

Sam Bonner (St Marys)

Libby Shaw (Arrowe)

Obstetric Medicine 2.0

Andrea Pilkington (Wythenshawe)

Mark Clement Jones (LWH)

Medical Education  1.0

Judith Kundodyiwa 

Advanced Labour Ward Practice 1.0

Sam Bonner (st Marys)

S Alldred (Liverpool Women's)



Trust Information for PG Doctors

North West and Mersey


Arrowe Park                          Trust information Arrowe Park  

Trust Information Blackpool

Bolton   Trust Information Bolton and Salford  
Barrow   Trust Information Barrow  
Chester   Trust Information Chester  
Christie   Trust Information Christie  
East Lancashire   Trust Information East Lancs  
Leighton   Trust Information Leighton
Macclesfield   Trust Information Macclesfield  
NMGH   Trust Information NMGH  
Oldham   Trust Information Oldham  
Royal Lancaster   Trust Information Royal Lancaster  
Royal Preston    Trust Information Preston  
St Marys   Trust Information St Marys  
Southport and Ormskirk   Trust Information Southport and Ormskirk  
Stepping Hill   Trust Information Stepping HIll  
Tameside   Trust Information Tameside  
Warrington   Trust Information Warrington  
Whiston    Trust Information Whiston  
Wrightington, Wigan and Leigh   Trust Information Wigan  
Wythenshawe   Trust Information Wythenshawe  



ST1 & 2 TEACHING 2021-2023


ST3-5 Teaching 2022/23


 ST6_7_TEACHING_2022-23 updated.doc (34 KB)




The following is a guide on the ARCP process and requirements for PG Doctors.


ARCPs will be conducted virtually using Microsoft Teams.

This means the panels will review the eportfolios remotely prior to the ARCP date. Therefore, all PG Dr’s must ensure all evidence required, is uploaded at least 1-2 weeks prior to the ARCP date. 

* Please note that your Educational Supervisor report MUST be completed and uploaded 1-2 weeks prior to the ARCP

On the day of the ARCP the panel will review all evidence and reach a decision.  The PG Dr will be invited to join the meeting to receive and discuss the ARCP outcome as well as offer a 2-slide presentation. All PG Dr’s being assessed will be required to make themselves available.


Evidence required for the ARCP

For further information regarding your ARCP during the Covid 19 pandemic, please refer to the ARCP guidance on the Royal College of Obstetrics & Gynaecology website:  Link  

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<p>Description automatically generated QR code for access


Form R/Self-Declaration Form:

This is mandatory.

Link to Form R: 

All fields must be completed.

  • You must reflect on any serious incidents or complaints that you have been involved in as well as note any compliments.
  • Your Form R will be reviewed by your Educational Supervisor as part of the Educational Supervisor Report.
  • Please complete Part A and B; only complete the COVID Declaration section if your training has been affected by COVID. Your Educational Supervisor will need to review and sign the form if you complete the COVID declaration.
  • Please upload completed Form R to the 'other evidence section of your e-portfolio at least 1 week prior to your ARCP. 
  • Please also email a copy of your Form R to:


Educational Supervisor’s Report.


Please complete your Educational Supervisor's report with your supervisor a minimum of 1 week before your ARCP.

This is to enable our ARCP panel member to review prior to the ARCP date.


CCT calculator:


  • Link to CCT calculator
  • Please complete a CCT calculator recording all your placements, dates, grades and WTE.
  • Once complete please upload to your Eportfolio in the ‘other evidence’ section marked CCT calculator (month/year of ARCP)
  • Please also email a copy of your Form R to:


Decision Aids:


PG Dr’s MUST ensure they carefully read requirements for ARCP and upload all required evidence by the required dates noted within your ARCP invite email.


The ARCP panel will assess evidence against the decision aid.


2 slide presentation

If you haven't been seen this year for an ARCP, you will need to prepare a 2-slide presentation covering your past year in training and future year.

Please upload this to your portfolio in the 'other evidence' section marked Presentation (Month/year of ARCP)


If you are OOPR/E/T, the panel would like to see a report from your current supervisor. This can be in the form of a letter, or a short report detailing your progress.

If you are OOPC please upload an update for the panel.

This needs to be uploaded to your portfolio in 'other evidence section'








May 4th, 5th 25th and 26th 2022

July 13 and 14th 2022

July 20 and 21st 2022