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The evolution of Vascular Surgery as a separate specialty has brought a new curriculum and both fresh opportunities and challenges for training. Our aim is to produce the best possible Vascular Specialists with the resources available. We will deliver the education and training to prepare trainees for the final FRCS in Vascular Surgery and on to Consultant level practice. Please remember that this is your training, you will get out of it what you put in. Do keep an eye on the future so that you can tailor your experience, both in terms of making the most of the opportunities available to you and the Consultant post you expect to be appointed to.


The initial placements will include two six-month attachments in General Surgery during the ST3 & ST4 years. The subsequent years from ST5 to ST8 will be spent in dedicated Vascular Surgery attachments. There are defined competencies that need to be achieved before the end of training ( but it is clear that at each stage there should be a focus on specific areas of the curriculum. Your relationship with the Assigned Educational Supervisor (AES) will be vital to ensure that the appropriate opportunities are identified and competencies achieved within each attachment. It is worth making sure you are familiar with what is expected of you, there is a high standard to attain with less time available than you may think.

Key Contacts

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Mr Jon Ghosh,
Vascular Surgery Training Programme Director

Based at Wythenshawe Hospital

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Mr Andrew Tambyraja,
Vascular Surgery SAC Liaison Member to the North West

Based at Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh

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Mr David Murray,
Vascular Surgery Training Committee Chair

Based at Manchester Royal Infirmary
Appointed Consultant to Manchester Royal Infirmary in 2009, David trained in open and endovascular surgery in Manchester and Australia. David has an interest in complex aortic aneurysm disease.

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Prof Rao Vallabhaneni,
Vascular Surgery Academic Advisor

Based at The Royal Liverpool Hospital

HEE North West Programme Support for Vascular Surgery

Programme Support Administrator for Surgery

Ian Griffiths

Ian Griffiths is based at our Manchester Office at Three Piccadilly Place
Tel: 0161 268 9575

Vascular Surgery Curriculum

external link icon For the most up to date syllabus and curriculum, please visit the ISCP website

Certification Guidelines:

Pre-August 2021 curriculum ("old" curriculum)

Post-August 2021 curriculum ("new" curriculum)

Training Rotation

Trainees will rotate through 5/6 Vascular Units on the HENW Vascular Surgery Training Programme, which currently has capacity for 18 trainees. The General Surgery posts will offer exposure to Gastrointestinal pathology as well as Emergency Surgery and where possible make use of established links with the Vascular Units. All of the Vascular Units operate ‘hub and spoke’ links with other trusts and trainees will be exposed to clinical sessions at peripheral centres. All aspects of the curriculum are delivered by the programmes.


Vascular Unit Trust AES Lead
South Mersey Arterial Centre, Chester Countess of Chester NHS Foundation Trust Mr A Balakrishnan
Liverpool Vascular & Endovascular Service Liverpool University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust Mr R Fisher
Central & South Manchester University Hospitals Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust Mr J Ghosh
Pennine Vascular Centre, Oldham Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust Mr G Antoniou
Preston Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust Ms S Drinkwater
Blackburn East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust Mr S Hardy

GMC Programme Code(s): NWE1009 (was MER2411 and NWD2423), NWE1102 (run-through - was MER4105 and NWD4108)


There are research opportunities in all centres; most trainees undertake a higher degree (if they wish). There is a proven track record of both MD and PhD awards in Manchester and Liverpool. A formal period out of programme leading to a higher degree will be actively supported. No more than 3 trainees (out of 18) will be permitted to be OOPR at any one time. All planned time OOPR needs to be approved prospectively by the SAC, six months in advance.


It is your own responsibility to collate the evidence that you have made educational progress through your attachment and keep your ISCP portfolio up to date. You should organise scheduled meetings with your AES; at the start, mid point and near the end of the attachment. It is best practice to actually book the dates in both your diaries, we are all very busy with commitments to on call rotas and multiple hospitals. Please be aware that the your ARCP panel will be in July, so your final AES meeting will need to be at the end of June, with all ISCP evidence signed off before the ARCP date.

Leadership and Management

There are multiple opportunities to develop leadership and management skills, within the deanery as well as nationally.

National Vascular Surgery ST3 Recruitment

National Recruitment for ST3 Vascular Surgery is managed by HEE London and the South East.


external link icon Click here to go to HEE London and the South East's Recruitment website

external link icon Click here to go to the National HEE Recruitment Website (includes Timelines, Guidance, Competition Ratios etc.)

external link icon ST3 Person specifications

external link icon JCST:Surgical selection in the UK

HEE North West mapVascular Surgery in North West England

Sector: N/A - appointment is to whole North West region
Vacancies: TBC
Start Date: 3 August 2022
Grade: ST3
Programme Length: 72 months

Apply via Oriel

Applications close 9 Dec 2021 at 4pm

National IST (Improving Surgical Training) Recruitment - ST1 Vascular Surgery Run-through pilot

National Recruitment for Improving Surgical Training (IST) is managed as part of the Core Surgical Recruitment by HEE London and the South East.

 Click here to go to HEE London and the South East's Recruitment website

 Click here to go to the National HEE Recruitment Website (includes Timelines, Guidance, Competition Ratios etc.)

 Prospectus for Improving Surgical Training

 JCST: Surgical selection in the UK

HEE North West mapVascular Surgery (IST run-through) in North West England

Sector: West (Cheshire and Merseyside)
Vacancies: Zero
Start Date: 3 August 2022
Grade: ST1
Programme Length: 96 months

HEE has paused recruitment to IST run-though programmes for 2021/22 recruitment. No IST run-though posts will be recruited to start in August 2022.

Applications CLOSED

Please Note

Trainees appointed to ST1 in vascular Surgery will spend the first two years in either the Cheshire and Merseyside or Greater Manchester, Lancashire and South Cumbria sector (Placements during ST1 and ST2 are part of the Core Surgical Rotation. For the details of tracks for ST1/2, please see the track detials on the Core Surgcial Training pages), but from ST3 will be expected to work across the whole HEE North West region.


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