Public Health - Information for New Starters

Getting started

Once you have had your training location confirmed, please contact them to introduce yourself (sending over a CV can always be helpful) and confirm your start date.  This will allow them to begin planning your first few weeks.

Lead Employer

Once you have had your place confirmed you will be contacted by the Lead Employer for Specialty Trainees in the North West.  This is St Helens and Knowsley Teaching Hospitals Foundation Trust.   Their website will provide you with access to the relevant policies required for your training.  If you plan to relocate please ensure you apply for relocation costs before the relocation process, through the Lead Employer.


North West Induction Programme

For new Public Health Specialty Registrars starting their training in the North West there is a fantastic induction and support process.  Before you start in August you will be contacted by a current ST1 who will lead you through the North West Induction Programme.  This is a programme that has been developed by North West Public Health Specialty Registrars and allows you to begin to become familiar with the North West area and the varied areas of Public Health, from Emergency Planning and Health Protection, to Dental and European Public Health.  You will be expected to travel to a range of locations throughout the North West area for this induction programme.


Alongside the induction programme you will also be provided with a buddy, this is a current ST2 or ST3 and usually, but not always, based in the same training placement as you.  They are there for informal support and advice. They may be able to help you with a training or employer related problem, or offer tips about getting through the MPH, Part A and B exams, or ARCP. Although your buddy may contact you during the induction phase, be proactive in your relationship and don’t hold back from asking anything that is troubling you.


North West StR Network

In the North West we have an active network for Public Health Specialty Registrars and you will be expected to contribute to this over your time in training.  The network is run by Specialty Registrars and holds a key position within the School of Public Health, ensuring Specialty Registrar views are at the centre of any developments. Once you have started, you will be contacted about joining the network. 


Your First Year

In the North West, Public Health Specialty Registrars complete a full-time Master of Public Health for the first year of training (can be done part-time over a longer period if working less than full time).  This involves two days of direct study, and two days of self-directed home study per week. Currently, all Specialty Registrars in the North West complete this at the University of Liverpool. You will then be expected to attend your placement training location for one day per week where you will undertake work that will contribute towards you achieving the required learning outcomes within the curriculum.  This is an exciting opportunity to create the foundation of knowledge for your public health career as well as building relationships with other Specialty Registrars in your cohort.