Raising Concerns About Your Training

  • Trainees with concerns are advised to raise them in the first instance with their educational and/or clinical supervisor.  If the trainee feels unable to raise this with their clinical/educational supervisor, for example, if they feel that their supervisor is too closely involved with the perceived imbalance, or if they are not satisfied with the response, they are advised that they should then discuss the matter with their local Foundation Programme Director. 
  • Other local avenues they may wish to explore would be their local Foundation committee or their Junior Doctors’ Forum/Regional Foundation Trainees Forum or the Medical Education Manager or Director of Medical Education.   The trainees should be aware of how they are represented on these committees and who their representatives are.
  • If all avenues within the Trust appear to be exhausted, then concern can be raised with the Deputy Dean - Foundation or the Postgraduate Dean. The Foundation School however will direct the trainee back to the Trust if all routes within the Trust have not been explored in the first instance.
  • All trainees are asked to complete a report in their e-portfolio at the end of each placement, which will be considered by the local FPD for action, and this would also be an appropriate place to note any such concerns.
  • Local foundation teams are asked to ensure this is included as a mandatory part of the induction process.