Public Health - Part A & B Examinations

Part A

In the North West the majority of Public Health Registrars take their Part A exam in their second year of training following the completion of the MPH.  The Part A examination is intended to test candidates' knowledge and understanding of the scientific basis of public health, and their ability to apply their knowledge and skills to the practice of public health. It consists of two written papers (Paper I and Paper II). Both Papers I and II are split into two parts/components A and B (Paper IA, Paper IB, Paper IIA and Paper IIB) and taken over two consecutive days.

In the North West, Public Health Specialist Registrars have developed an extremely successful revision programme to support registrars in the lead up to the exam.  The revision programme is usually delivered between September and December to ensure candidates are fully prepared for the exam in early January.

Each year the registrars evaluate the programme to ensure that any opportunities for improvement are identified and implemented in the next revision programme.

More information about the Part A exam can be found on the Faculty of Public Health website 

Part B

Once registrars have passed the Part A exam they are able to apply to take the Part B exam.  When registers take this exam varies from person to person but completing the exam does increase training opportunities as some placements are restricted to post-Part B registrars.  The PART B/Objective Structured Public Health Examination (OSPHE) is a 'show how' assessment of the candidate's ability to apply relevant knowledge, skills and attitudes to the practice of public health. Candidates must demonstrate that they can integrate the theoretical and practical aspects of public health practice.

In the North West registrars are supported to prepare for the Part B exam through the provision of a full mock exam alongside scenario based role play within their placements.

More information about the Part B exam can be found on the Faculty of Public Health website