Public Health - Study Leave

There are two parts to the study leave process:

1. The application

This is the part of the process that involves getting approval for the time off and for any funding associated with the leave. You cannot claim any expenses unless you have had them approved first.

2. The claim

The process involved in reimbursing expenses associated with the study leave. You can only do this after your application has been fully approved.

Applying for Study Leave

Study Leave Application forms for Public Health Specialty Registrars.

Please note that this form is a little different from that in use by other specialties, as your application does not go via your lead employer.


Trainee downloads the application form and completes all the required fields.


Trainee checks with their Educational Supervisor if they approve of the Study Leave.


Once fully completed the trainee must email the application to the Programme Support Officer at  


The Programme Support Officer checks that the application will forward to the Training Programme Manager for approval. 


The Training Programme Manager considers the application form and completes if approved or not, and sends back to the Programme Support Officer.


If approved Programme Support Officer will inform the trainee by email.


If the application is for an overseas trip, the application is then referred to the Postgraduate Deputy Dean for approval, who will then confirm the decision to the HEE NW Programme Support Officer.


The Programme Support Officer will then enter all details of the application on the database system and email the trainee confirmation that it is approved.


Any Appeals against a rejected application should be addressed to the Deputy Dean for Hospital and Community Care and sent via 


A decision about study leave will normally be reached within three weeks. If there is any delay at Health Education England - North West beyond this time, the programme support officer will contact you.

Please note:


Study Leave with expenses is not available in year ST1 in addition to the MPH course. Your Educational Supervisor will direct you as to whether it is okay during ST1 to take time to go to other relevant study/ CPD events, such as PH network events, or something that enhances your ability to meet your training and educational objectives.


Please submit your Study Leave applications in good time, at least 4 weeks before the event. We reserve the right to decline applications on grounds of lateness beyond this deadline.


You must include your telephone contact on forms, and ensure that all signatures are accompanied by the person’s name in clear writing.

Claiming Study Leave Expenses

Please complete Stusy Leave Expenses claim form  as soon as your approved study leave has been taken. Claims cannot be processed until after the first day of the study leave.


Trainee completed the claim expneses form which was sent in the study leave approval email from the Programme Support Officer


Trainee quotes their reference number in the top right hand corner of the claim form (six digit number which can be found on the top right corner of the approved application form/in the subject line of the approval email).


Trainee signs and date the second page of the claim form. The claim form must also be authorised by the line manager (usually the trainee’s educational supervisor). Their legible name, signature and date are essential.


All claims must be supported by original receipts. Certificates of attendance are not acceptable as proof of payment, unless they specifically state that you have paid and how much you have paid.


Claim forms must be submitted to the Programme Support Officer within 3 months of the start date of the course, or before the end of the February following the start of the course, whichever comes first (i.e. by the end of the budget year from which the funding will come from).


Once fully completed the trainee must post the application to the Programme Support Officer.


You will receive an acknowledgement of receipt for the forms. Properly completed forms will be passed to our Finance Department for approval within three working days. Following approval, they will go to your employer’s payroll office.

 HEE Study Leave Guidance

Please return your completed expense form and original receipts to:

Jennifer Shaw

Programme Support Officer

Health Education England - North West



T: 0161 268 9587