Public Health - Study Leave

Applying for Study Leave

Study Leave Application Forms for Public Health Specialty Registrars

Please note that this form is a little different from that in use by other specialties, as your application does not go via your lead employer.

Claiming Study Leave Expenses

Please complete Study Leave Expenses Forms as soon as your approved study leave has been taken. Please return your completed for to:

Asmaa Yehia                                                     

 Programme Support  Officer

School of Public Health 

Health Education England

First Floor  | Regatta Place | Brunswick Business Park | Summers Road | Regatta Base | Liverpool | L3 4BL

 T.  0151 479 2585



You will receive an acknowledge of receipt for the forms. Properly completed forms will be passed to our Finance Department for approval within three working days. Following approval, they will go to your employer’s payroll office.

The form must be authorised by your line manager (usually your educational supervisor). Their legible name, signature and date are essential.

Original receipts must be attached

Expenses must be claimed within 3 months after the event

Some notes about applying for study leave

A decision will normally be reached within three weeks. If there is any delay at the Health Education North West (Mersey), beyond this time, Asmaa Yehia will contact you.

Please note:

  • Study Leave with expenses is not available in year ST1 in addition to the MPH course. Your Educational Supervisor will direct you as to whether it is okay during ST1 to take time to go to other relevant study/ CPD events, such as PH network events, or something that enhances your ability to meet your training and educational objectives.
  • Please submit your Study Leave applications in good time, at least 4 weeks before the event. We reserve the right to decline applications on grounds of lateness beyond this deadline.
  • You must include your telephone contact on forms, and ensure that all signatures are accompanied by the person’s name in clear writing.