Educator Development in Health Education England, working across the North West

Health Education England, North West (HEE (NW)) recognises the vital role that Clinical and Educational Supervisors play in the day to day education and development of trainees. A key area of work for it is the implementation of the GMC standards and new arrangements for the recognition of trainers as set out in GMC Recognising and approving trainers: the implementation plan.   

As the Education Organiser (EO), it is responsible for identifying trainers who need to be recognised. To this end we are working closely with Trusts and Local Education Providers (LEPs) on the implementation of processes to enable the collection of relevant information on named Clinical and Educational Supervisors for reporting to the GMC. 

The trainees of today are the trainers of tomorrow and should be ready to assume Clinical and Educational Supervisor roles on appointment to consultants.  HEE (NW) is committed to supporting the development of trainee doctors as medical educators and has in place a number of initiatives to support this group. These include a Postgraduate Certificate in Workplace Based Postgraduate Medical Education programme and a Medical Education Fellowship scheme. Further information on each of these programmes can be found by clicking on the subject below or following the relevant link from the main menu on the right.

To find out more about this important area of work, including requirements and timelines, please go to the Standards & Guidance pages.


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Recognition of Trainers in the North West - FAQs

GMC Thumb

GMC recognition and approval of trainers implementation plan 2012  


Promoting excellence: standards for medical education and training (July 2015)

Promoting Excellence Summary

Promoting Excellence: Summary - What this means for educators and those responsible for medical education

GMC Presentation

Promoting excellence: standards for medical education and training

A PowerPoint presentation produced by the GMC, which education partners can use to introduce the new standards to trainers and others involved in educating and training medical students and doctors.

Promoting Excellence Presentation

Promoting excellence: standards for medical education and training - slideset

This PowerPoint presentation has been constructed with minimal changes from the whole GMC document.  This presentation can be used with modifications or as it is.  

Education Development: Autumn 2015 Issue

A newsletter update of workstreams, activities and events of the Education Development team

Education Development: Spring 2016 Issue




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