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An introduction from the Head of School, Richard Jarvis

I am delighted to introduce the North West School of Public Health to you.

The School of Public Health is part of Health Education England, and serves the whole of the North West of England. We train and educate public health experts and leaders to serve the people of the North West and beyond. Our graduates hold jobs in a wide variety of organisations that have public health as their focus including Local Authorities, the NHS, academic organisations and Public Health England. These public health teams and jobs have changed dramatically following the transition of public health from the NHS to Local Government. It is likely that the range of organisations relying on top quality public health specialist advice will expand further over the next few years and this is a great opportunity for both training and employment.

My aim as Head of School is to maintain and improve the quality of the public health training scheme, but also to make the North West the training scheme of first choice. Public health work is vital in supporting the UK to achieve the global-class health outcomes its people expect. I believe graduates of the scheme can be proud that they trained in the North West and can aspire to be the local, national and global public health leaders who really make a difference to peoples’ health and their lives. Public health work is not just important; it’s a whole lot of fun too! All the hard work of training is amply repaid by a varied and fulfilling career in so many different roles and locations.

The School of Public Health is one of the Specialty Schools in Health Education England – North West – “The Deanery”. We follow Deanery policies and processes that meet the standards and guidance for training in place from the United Kingdom General Medical Council. The Public Health curriculum is designed by the Faculty of Public Health, our responsible professional college. Training in Public health is multiprofessional: about half of our Specialty Registrars have a medical background, and half are from other professions.

The usual duration of training is 4 years, with most registrars taking an additional year undertaking a Masters degree in Public Health. There are currently around 50 Speciality Registrars on the public health training programme. We have 37 accredited training locations in local authorities, Public Health England, acute and community trusts and other more specialised locations. The School relies on over 100 accredited educational and academic supervisors to support and direct registrars through training.

My job as Head of School is for one and a half days per week. For the rest of the week I work as a Consultant in Communicable Disease Control at Public Health England in Cheshire and Merseyside. Due to the reactive nature of this work, I can’t guarantee to be present in the Deanery on a specific day, but I’m very happy to be contacted on School business wherever I happen to be. In the Deanery, we have a small but highly proficient admin team, provided in the Section of General Practice and Public Health. I am very privileged to be supported by three zonal Programme Directors who each have one half day per week to develop the portfolios of training locations in Cumbria and Lancashire; Greater Manchester and Cheshire and Merseyside.

The rest of these pages describe our structure, who we are, and point to where further information can be found.

Dr Richard Jarvis

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Specialty of Public Health School Administrator

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