Dental Specialty Training posts Health Education England working across the North West

Dental ARCPs  2021

1 February 2021- DPH, COVID outcome reviews, Any trainees with start dates before the month of June.

TBC July 2021 - Oral Surgery, Paediatric Dentistry, Restorative, Endodontics, SCD.

TBC September 2021 - Orthodontics 


Oral Medicine will be a national process, further details to be confirmed.



Dental Specialty Training

These posts are advertised via the BDJ and NHS jobs when they become vacant. Appointment is by competitive interview and a clinical competency assessment and the structure and content of the posts will comply with the relevant SAC recommendations and the “Dental Gold Guide” 

Dental Gold Guide

These posts are annually assessed using the ACRP process.  Trainee online e-portfolio:

The following dental specialty training is currently undertaken in HEE NW:



Period of Grace

Trainee who wish to take a period of grace must complete the: Period of Grace Intent Form


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Dental Specialty Recruitment:


HEE NW Dental Specialty Contacts


Colette Balmer

Associate Dental Dean


DPH, Oral Surgery, SCD, Oral Medicine, Dental Radiology, Liverpool Orthodontics


Craig Barclay

Associate Dental Dean


Mono specialties, Paediatric Dentistry, Restorative Dentistry, Manchester Orthodontics


Martin Tickle

Academic Manchester


Sondos Albadri

Academic Liverpool


Chris Butterworth

Training Programme Director



Mel Catleugh

Training Programme Director




Bijay Rajlawat

Training Programme Director

ADS(OM, Max Rad)


Avril Macpherson

Training Programme Director



Ian Edwards

Training Programme Director

Orthodontics (Liverpool)




David Waring

Training Programme Director

Orthodontics (Manchester)


Vidya Srinivasan

Training Programme Director

Paediatric Dentistry

Julian Yates

Training Programme Director

Oral Surgery


Martin James

Trainee Rep (Manchester)

Dima Mobarak

Trainee Rep (Liverpool) 


Susan Tierney



Chelsea Archibald