North West of England - National FP Recruitment

National Foundation Programme Recruitment 2020 – 2022

Welcome to the 2020 application process for Foundation Training and an overview of the North West of England's local matching process.

Application for a UK Foundation Training Programme is through the national Oriel Recruitment system via the national Foundation Programme website, and is open only to UK medical students and entries through the national Eligibility Office.  Full details of how to apply, including the 2020 Applicants Handbook can be found on the national website.

The following information has been provided to give potential applicants an overview of the local processes carried out in the North West of England School in conjunction with Oriel.  This information will only become relevant to those who are allocated to this school in March 2020.

 Click here to view the 2020 national Person Specification (FP).

Applying to the Foundation Programme

National UKFPO Timeline for 2020-22 FP Recruitment

30 Sept 2019, 9:00 GMT – 11 Oct 2019, 12:00 BST : National Application window on Oriel.

11 Oct 2019, 12:00 BST –  Applicants deadline for submission of Special Circumstances applications to home medical schools (see UKFPO website).

FP applications will not be accepted after the deadline of Friday 11th October 2019 at 12:00 (BST) under any circumstances. This is a national deadline and Oriel automatically locks after this time, so we advise applicants to plan accordingly to ensure they submit an application well in advance of the closure. Failure to submit an application by this deadline will mean they are no longer part of the Foundation Programme application process for 2020 and they will have to wait until September 2020 before they are able to register again for FP/AFP 2021.

It is the applicant’s responsibility to allow enough time to register, enrol and apply within the application window. The foundation school cannot be held responsible for those who miss a deadline if they have chosen to leave completing their FP application until the last minute. Applicants wishing to make contact having missed the deadline are advised to direct their enquiries to . The North West of England Foundation School will not be involved in any such discussion / appeals that fall outside of the UKFPO national application process.

Amending UoA (Foundation School) Preferences on Oriel

13 Feb 2020, 12:00 GMT : UoA Preferencing on Oriel closes.

Applicants will be able to amend their UoA (foundation school) preferences after the close of the national application window on 11 October 2019 until the time and date stated above. Oriel will lock at 12:00 and further changes to preferences after this time will not be possible. Applicants will not be given a reminder to advise them that this is the closing date for any changes. If either applicant in a linked pairing chooses to amend their preferences after the closing date for applications, the link will be broken.

We advise applicants to plan accordingly to ensure they submit their UoA preferences well in advance of the closure. Applicants contacting us regarding any such incidences having missed the deadline will be advised that no further action can be made to their application.

Linked Applications

A full set of guidance on linked applications can be found on pages 28 & 29 of the UKFP 2019 Applicants Handbook. We advise that applicants read the handbook before contacting the foundation school.

Linked applications can only be used for the first two stages of the allocation process (UoA /Foundation School and Match to Group/Trust) and the Oriel algorithm will use the lowest of the two scores to match the linked pair. This will be guaranteed only if both applicants make their preferences in exactly the same order as each other and also if they are both allocated to the primary list (not reserve list).

Where a linked pair cannot both be allocated to the same group/trust, e.g. there are not enough vacancies; the North West of England Foundation School will endeavour where possible to allocate the pair to groups within one hour’s commute of each other.

If applicants submit their preferences in a different order at UoA/Group match stages, the link on Oriel will be automatically broken and cannot be reinstated. At the North West of England Foundation School, linked applications do not continue into the final third stage to individual tracks (programmes) within the trust itself, this allocation is based purely against the applicants individual score against their preferences made in competition with the other allocated candidates.

Applicants wishing to opt out of their link can do so at any stage by amending their order of foundation school preferences following the close of the application  window.

Foundation Programme Applicants - Frequently Asked Questions

For further advice on eligibility, application scoring, linked applications, the allocations process, offers, appeals, EPM and SJT please visit the UKFPO FP FAQ page here.

2020-2022 Programmes available in the North West of England Foundation School

Please navigate to the Training Programme page to view the current *indicative* foundation programmes on offer in the North West

 Applicants should note the following:

  • Academic Foundation Programmes (AFPs) are not featured in the FP programme charts on the training programme page as these are recruited to via the AFP application process, you may therefore notice that some of the programme numbers jump, e.g. Track 3, then Track 5.
  • Unless otherwise stated all programmes host 3 vacancies and the post locations will be at the acute employing trust. The order in which the posts are displayed is not necessarily the order in which you will undertake them.  Rotations are a trust matter and will be determined by the rota coordinators. 
  • As with all programmes and the changing nature of healthcare, the information provided on these pages is accurate at the time of publication but is always subject to change in line with service requirements and reconfigurations. 
  • Banding of posts is an employment matter and any queries regarding pay bands should be directed to the trusts and not to the Foundation School. Applicants should note that some full programmes maybe unbanded and it is advisable to contact trusts prior to ranking to enquire, if banding is of significant importance. 

Local matching process and FP Offers

On the 12th March 2020 applicants in Oriel will be informed of their allocation to Foundation School.

The North West of England School will then run local matching to Trust and Track as a two stage process, outlined below.

Stage 1: Matching to Trust (Group)

Applicants allocated to the North West of England School will be directed to the 'Group Preferences' page within their Oriel account. From here applicants will be asked to enter their order of preference to group, where each employing trust within the school is identified as a separate group.

Full details of how to rank your order of preference and how to access additional information about each of our employing trusts will be emailed to allocated applicants from 12th March 2020.

In order to administer a two stage matching process this school will run an interim match to group and publish the results of this to applicants via Oriel. Applicants will be able to access these results and then progress to the second stage of the process.

Stage 2: Matching to Track (Programme)

Once applicants allocated to the North West of England School have accessed their group allocation result they will be directed to the 'Offers' page within their Oriel account.  From here applicants will be asked to enter their order of preference to the programmes available within their allocated group.

In order to adhere to the national timeframe for publication of final results on the 9th April 2020 we will need to set our own local deadlines for preferences to allow us to complete the two stages of matching to meet the national results day.

Our local timescales and deadlines for matching to trust and track are as follows (please note these dates/times are still TBC so may be amended closer to the time so please revisit this page around one-two months prior to this stage of the recruitment process): 

Group Preferences

Open on Oriel from Thursday 12th March 2020, 12noon GMT for 7 days.

**Deadline for Group Preferences on Oriel, Thursday 19th March 2020, 12.00 noon GMT.**

Publication of group results via Oriel,  Monday 23rd March 2020, 12noon.

Programme Preferences

Open on Oriel from Tuesday 24th March 2020, 12:00 GMT for 7 days.

**Deadline for programme preferences on Oriel, Tuesday 31st March 2020, 12.00 noon GMT.**

UKFPO publish final results on Oriel, Thursday 9th April 2020.

Reserve List FP Allocations

Applicants to the Foundation Programme who do not receive an offer to the North West of England Foundation School on 9th April 2020, will be entered into the reserve batch allocation process.

Reserve list allocation dates for FP are provisionally arranged to commence as follows:

Invitation to Preference (First Reserve Batch) : TBC 2020.

Invitation to Preference (Second Reserve Batch) : TBC 2020.

Invitation to Preference (Third Reserve Batch) : TBC 2020.

Invitation to Preference (Fourth Reserve Batch - if required) : TBC 2020.

How the matching is run

Recruitment is not a 'first come first served' process and all matching will be completed at the same time, AFTER the stated deadlines.  Matching to group - and later to programmes - will be completed on Oriel using the same algorithm run by Oriel to allocate applicants to foundation schools.

In the event that more than one person with the same score is competing for one vacancy within a group or programme, the Oriel algorithm will make a completely random allocation.  This is the only legally defensible way that an allocation can be made in this situation. 

Full details of the matching process will be emailed to allocated applicants from the 12th March 2020.

2020 UoA Allocation - Distribution of scores

The distribution of scores for those allocated to the North West of England School will be emailed separately to allocated applicants from the 12th March 2020. They will not be published on the website.

2020 Trust Minimum & Maximum scores

Minimum and maximum scoring for FP-2020 will be published on this website on Tuesday 24th March 2020.

These scores do not include or reflect scores of applicants who were allocated to trusts through the Special Circumstances route or through any of the reserve list allocations – they only reflect scores of those allocated through the primary allocations.

Each annual recruitment process is independent and discrete from the one before and the one that follows.  The scores achieved and the pattern of allocations from one year cannot accurately reflect what the distribution of scores or the pattern of preferences will be in the following year.  We cannot predict how this year’s cohort of applicants will score, how they will rank their preferences or which Foundation School they will be allocated to. Seeing what the minimum score was last year for your favourite trust does not in any way indicate that this will be the minimum score this year.  Please also note that these scores cannot give any indication as to whether or not you will score highly enough to obtain a place in the North West of England School.  Your allocation will be based on your individual score and order of preference in relation to the scores and preferences of all those in this same recruitment process for Aug 2020.

The School strongly advises applicants not to use this information as an indicator of potential allocation to the North West School or a particular trust and accepts no responsibility for any applicant who bases their preferences on this information. 

**Please click here for 2019 Minimum and Maximum Scores**

**Please click here for 2018 Minimum and Maximum scores**


Additional Information

Right To Work Fact Sheet (click here)

Interviews - Foundation Programme

The North West of England School will not be conducting Foundation Programme interviews for any part of the local matching process, including any subsequent matching processes relating to reserve list allocations.  However, applicants should note that all trusts will carry out pre-employment checks before any offer of employment can be made and this may require attendance in person.

Linked Applications to Group

The North West school will offer linked applicants the opportunity to express a preference to maintain a link in the matching to group process.

Links to group will typically be honoured if both applicants have listed exactly the same order of preference to group and there are sufficient vacancies for both applicants.  A linked pair will be allocated using the lower of the two scores of the two applicants.  Where a linked pair cannot both be allocated to the same group, e.g. there are not enough vacancies; the school will endeavour to allocate the pair to groups within 1 hour of each other.   

If a linked pair indicates that they do not wish to continue their link to group they will be allocated independently on the basis of their own preference and score.

Pre-Employment Checks and Mandatory Induction (TBA FP/AFP-2020 Recruitment)

All applicants will be required to attend a mandatory (paid) induction before they can commence employment.  The mandatory induction days for incoming F1 trainees are the 4 days immediately prior to the first day of the F1 year, for 2019 they are Thursday 1st August to Tuesday 6th August (inc) and the first working day of F1 will be Wednesday 7th August 2019.

These days are salaried days and a statutory requirement for new trainees, who are expected to attend.  The contract of employment will begin on the first day of induction and if you’re unable to attend any part of the 4 day induction period you must contact the employing trust to notify them and request annual leave in order to be approved absent. 

Here in the North West our trusts may also offer you the chance to attend a voluntary shadowing period which will give you the opportunity to shadow the exact job you will be taking on.  This voluntary period is likely to run from (date to be confirmed) but further details will be provided by your future employer from April 2019.

All applicants are required to attend pre-employment screening at the trust where they have been allocated.  Trusts are responsible for arranging their own pre-employment activities, which may include a clinical skills assessment and occupational health review, at a date and time which is suitable to them and the availability of local resource.  Applicants will be expected to attend and cannot be offered a contract of employment until this requirement has been completed, you are therefore advised to contact the trust where you have been allocated to find out when their pre-employment screening days are before making personal arrangements, such as holidays, which may impact your attendance.

Prescribing Safety Assessment (PSA)

The Prescribing Safety Assessment (PSA) re-sit for incoming F1s will be held in September 2019 (tbc) and March 2020 (tbc) in Manchester.  To confirm, incoming F1s who have not previously passed the PSA , and those who have passed the PSA prior to August 2017 will be required to take the PSA in September 2019.  

A PSA pass is now required for the completion of F1.

Relevant Links and helpful resources

Click here to visit our Postgraduate Centre Contacts. 

Click here to visit our map to access further information for each of our employing trusts.

Click here to view a list of commonly used trust/location abbreviations. 

Important note

Recruitment is a matching process and an allocation is not a job offer.  All job offers will be made by the actual employer after successful completion of pre-employment checks.  

If you require any further information which is not cover by any of the above please contact the team on