A large number of doctors in the health service work as neither consultants nor principals in General practice and, yet, are not in designated training posts. This group – formerly known as NCCGs (Non Consultant Career Grades) is diverse and includes nearly every speciality, with doctors coming from a variety of backgrounds, levels of training and responsibilities.

They are all involved in the delivery of patient care and many Trusts rely heavily on their input to develop and maintain service delivery. Most of this group are now contracted as ‘Staff Grade’ or ‘Associate Specialist’ doctors, hence the term SAS doctors is now preferred. A new grade – ‘Speciality Doctor’ was established with the introduction of the ‘new contract’ in 2008.  SAS doctors may elect to transfer to this new contract and it is anticipated that all new appointments to the grade will be at ‘Speciality doctor’ level.

HEE is responsible for the management and allocation of educational funding, working collaboratively with SAS Leads, Tutors and Local Education Providers (LEPs) to ensure the fund is utilised appropriately.

The development fund for SAS Doctors within HEE (NW) is held centrally and managed by a nominated Associate Dean and her team, working closely with Leads, Tutors and LEPs who submit business cases to secure funding for educational development and training.

We have over 1400 SAS doctors over 30 Trusts in the North West region and work collaboratively with our network of 45 SAS Leads and their administrators, to ensure each SAS doctor is provided with an opportunity to access funds in order to engage in development opportunities.


Dr Aruna Hodgson - Associate Dean (Hospital and Community)

Miss Melissa McGowan - Programme Support Administrator (SAS Doctors, MTI Placements, PA to Dr Hodgson) 

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