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Annual Assessment Visits

Educational Supervisors / Training Locations

  • Educational Supervisors’ Reports -Template And Example For Specialty Registrars Who Are Performing Less Well
    These example Educational Supervisor reports and notes are examples of useful and less useful reports, with advice to supervisors about what to include. They will be relevant to academic supervisors as well as educational supervisors.ARCP and other panels look to supervisors for clear judgements about competence, progress and delivery of objectives. It is most useful for the panel and the Specialty Registrar when the supervisor is specific in their praise and their criticism, and constructive and definite in their recommendations. Please note that Specialty Registrars always have areas for development…just like the rest of us!Academic supervisors will generally focus on academic progress.
  • The Educational Supervisor’s Year
    This short piece provides the novice and experienced educational supervisor with a checklist for their journey through the year with a specialty registrar. It has helpful reminders of things not to forget early I the year. It also gives advice of what to do in preparation for welcoming a new specialty registrar. If you can suggest improvements, please discuss them with colleagues and then send in a new draft! Thanks to Ewan Wilkinson, Lead Trainer in Liverpool, for suggesting it.

General Documents

  • Quality Framework
    This Quality Framework was developed in 2011 by a working group, and agreed at the School Board in October. It shows how we seek to improve and protect the quality of our training. Each GMC quality domain is shown alongside the responsibilities, actions, risks and possible measures of success.

New Starters

On Call

  • Greater Manchester HPU Showcase 2011
    Greater Manchester HPU is one of our excellent Health protection training locations. The document is a show off piece describing their achievements.
  • On Call Policy
    This policy describes how supervised on call experience out of hours is provided. It includes a description of when a Specialty Registrar is eligible to start on call and how they can best use the on call experience.