Working Abroad

Many doctors want the opportunity to work abroad at some time during their career. Some may want a break from the NHS and training programmes; some may be unsure what they want to do next and need time to think, and some just want to experience a different culture and health care system. See our document which covers many of the things you should consider when thinking of working abroad at whatever point you are in your career. Consider carefully the stage at which you consider doing this because, as your career progresses it gets more difficult as family and financial commitments increase and taking time out of training may not be possible.


Working Abroad – Things to consider

  • Most employers have a positive attitude towards you spending 6 months or a year abroad, whether it is for medical work or other reasons, and it often counts for you at interview if you have comparable UK experience to the other candidates.
  • Check insurance prior to leaving and ensure you have a secure job to go to.
  • Make sure that you have everything in writing. Do not rely on telephone advice or agreements when making arrangements.
  • Also remember to get references and statements of experience while you are away.

Useful References


Medical Associations


Humanitarian Organisations


Other Organisations



“The Medic's Guide to Work and Electives Around the World" by Mark Wilson (Arnold)
“Guide to Working in Europe for Doctors" by K Darling (Churchill Livingstone)
“Health Professionals Abroad" by T Ryder (Vacation work)