Inter Deanery Transfers - IDTs

The national process has been established by the Conference of Postgraduate Medical Deans (COPMeD), Health Education England (HEE), Northern Ireland Medical & Dental Training Agency, NHS Education for Scotland, Wales Deanery and the British Medical Association (BMA) in order to provide a consistent, robust and transparent process for allowing trainees to transfers around the UK. This centralised transfer process aims to provide trainees and regional colleagues with a consistent, transparent and robust service. For this reason, it will not be possible to depart from or be flexible with the published processes, timelines and criteria.



Supporting documents available on the resource bank 
via the following link:  Specialty Training Website

21 January 2019

Application window opens & Application form available
via the following link:  LPMDE Support Portal

4 February 2019 (12pm)

Application window closes

4 March 2019 (2pm)

Eligibility checking

15 march 2019

Offers Round 1 - Conditional Offers from the National IDT team

w/c 15 April 2019

Offers Round 2 - Conditional Offers from the National IDT team

w/c 22 April 2019


HEE NW Trainees should complete Section 1 of the IDT Supporting Document, available via the Specialty Training Website. 

Please submit for signature to the relevant HEE North West Region’s Designated IDT contact for approval, as follows:

  •                 Hospital & Community Care Applications   (Available Mon/Wed/Thurs)
    Tel: 0151 479 2591

We will then arrange for Section 2 to be completed and returned to the trainee.

The trainee must then upload the completed form to the IDT application portal before the submission deadlines above.

The national Inter Deanery Transfer (IDT) team cannot accept any applications or facilitate any transfers outside of the process or nationally agreed timelines. There are no exceptional circumstances where the national IDT team will accept any late applications or facilitate a transfer outside of the nationally agreed process.

Please see above a timeline of the national Inter Deanery Transfer Process, for the February 2019 window of IDT.


Doctors wishing to move between English regions will now be eligible to apply with an ARCP Outcome 2 or 3, provided they can also submit a letter of support from their Postgraduate Dean at the time of application.

Trainees wishing to move from an Health Education England (HEE) and Scotland (NES) will now be eligible to apply with an ARCP Outcome 2, provided they can also submit a letter of support from their Postgraduate Dean at the time of application.

Doctors who want to move into an HEE region from Northern Ireland (NIMDTA) or Wales still require an Outcome 1. Other outcomes will not be accepted.


If you would like to apply for a transfer, it is important that you read the Trainee Guide to Inter Deanery Transfers (IDTs) to find out about the process, eligibility criteria and application requirements.

In addition to this, further information can be found on the Post Graduate Medical and Dental Education (PGMDE) Support Portal.

Please ensure you that you have read through the IDT FAQs before you submit a query to the national team.

All documentation referred to can be found in the Resource Bank on this website.

All Inter Deanery Transfer queries should be directed to the online portal: https:/