Access Pathway for Careers Support in HENW

At any point in your training, career support will be important. While you must always maintain responsibility for your career and it is expected that you will use the resources available, sometimes you might feel the benefit of one-to-one assistance. Each Trust, Foundation Programme and Specialty School will have someone who can support you, the starting point should be your Educational and Clinical Supervisor, particularly for specialty information. They can either help you directly or they may be able to signpost you to where further information is available. They will have knowledge of local resources and activities and will have had access to training in career support.

For more complex needs you may be referred to the Careers Team at HEE (NW) and those with even more complex needs may be referred externally.

Some Colleges also offer careers support and many universities offer graduates support for at least 1-2 years post-graduation.

If after accessing support at your trust or specialty school, you require further career support, then please ask them to refer you to the HEE (NW) Careers Team or contact us via