National Dental Core Training Recruitment 2021 (for updated guidance on the process please access: DCT National Recruitment)



Recruitment to Dental Core Training (DCT) posts in 2021 will be through a national selection process led by Health Education England working across the West Midlands. DCT posts in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland will be included. This recruitment and selection processes ensures standardisation in selection and values based recruitment in line with other national training programmes.

Applicants can apply to one of three DCT levels: DCT1, DCT2 or DCT3. Each level has its own Person Specification.

Applications and offers will be made through Oriel, the national recruitment system. This system enables the national coordination of the application and offer processes and will allow applicants to accept only one post across the UK. The application window can be seen on the national recruitment timeline below. Applications must apply via Oriel (

Advert - NHS Jobs and Oriel

Tuesday 12 January 2021


Applications open

Tuesday 19 January 2021


Applications close

Tuesday 9 February 2021


Applicants will be asked to preference all the posts in which they are interested in. By preferencing more posts applicants will have a better chance of securing a post. If applicants choose only a limited number of preferences it could be that they are unsuccessful in securing a post if they do not score highly at the Selection Centre. Offers will be made in rank order by performance at the Selection Centre. Once offers have been made the system will also allow upgrades so that you can accept a higher preference post if that becomes available. 


For all information on DCT National recruitment please visit:


Further information will be contained in the Applicant Guide and Person Specifications for each vacancy. This information will be available when the posts are advertised on the COPDEND website