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The Deanery School of Paediatrics aims to provide a comprehensive high-quality teaching and education programme for those interested in training in paediatrics. Training in paediatrics in this deanery follows a syllabus set by The Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health (RCPCH) and takes account of national guidance by the General Medical Council.


The School of Paediatrics also provides strategic leadership for the recruitment of trainees to paediatric specialties. It arranges for the recruitment and induction of trainees from the Foundation Programmes into Specialty Training posts and arranges for the allocation of trainees to run-through rotations in Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 that are appropriate for their training needs.


The School of Paediatrics also oversees the quality of Paediatric training posts in conjunction with the RCPCH tutors, the Postgraduate Clinical Tutors and Directors of Medical Education.

The School of Paediatrics also:

  • Oversees the Higher Specialty Training (Level 3) schemes in general paediatricand the various paediatric specialties within and ensures that there are educational opportunities to meet the standards required by the RCPCH.
  • Ensures the provision of appropriate courses for examination preparation, the acquisition of essential competencies and general professional development.
  • Gives guidance about the appropriateness of courses to trainees in paediatrics at their various stages of development.
  • Assesses the progress of trainees, maintains appraisal systems for trainees and supervises their summative assessments.
  • Ensures adequate provision of career advice supported by up-to-date information on career opportunities.
  • Ensures that there is provision for potential progression into an academic career and for flexible training


The RCPCH runs examinations, organises courses and conferences, issues guidance on clinical and other issues relating to the welfare of children. It also has a major role in setting and maintaining professional standards. It was founded in 1996 but traces its origins back to the British Paediatric Association, founded in 1928, which acted as a focus for professional activity in the field of paediatrics prior to the formation of the College.



Head of North West School of Paediatrics:

Dr Colin Morgan 

Associate Head of North West School of Paediatrics and Career Lead

Dr Ruth Gottstein 

Associate Postgraduate Dean for School of Paediatrics:

Dr Aruna Hodgson




Training Programme Director:

Cheshire & Mersey ST1 – ST3

Dr Nasim Mahmood

Training Programme Director:

Cheshire & Mersey ST4 – ST8

Dr Ian Kilroy

Training Programme Director:

Greater Manchester & Lancashire ST1–ST3

Dr Sunil Bagewadi

Training Programme Director:

Greater Manchester & Lancashire ST4–ST8

Dr Guy Makin




College Regional Lead: Cheshire & Mersey

Dr Rosaline Garr


College Regional Lead: Greater Manchester & Lancashire (deputy)

Dr Nitin Panwar

College Regional Lead / SuppoRTT Champion: Greater Manchester & Lancashire (deputy)

Dr Ranganath Ranganna

Academic Regional Lead

Professor Calum Semple





LTFT Representatives Dr Anna-Louise Power/Dr Violet Swain

SuppoRTT Champions

Dr Fulya Mehta and Fulya Mehta


RCPCH Stepping Up Champion - Greater Manchester & Lancashire Dr Merijam Kikic
RCPCH Stepping Up Champion - Cheshire & Mersey Dr Helen Dallow


College Tutors



Alder Hey

Dr Kamran Mahmood

Alder Hey (deputy)

Dr Shirley Mulvaney

Alder Hey (deputy)

Dr Tan Maw

Arrowe Park (deputy) Acute

Dr Eleanor Derwas

Arrowe Park (deputy) - Neonates

Dr Sarah Thompson


Dr Ana Del-Rio


Dr Wing Tang


Dr Fiona Watson

Bolton neonates

Dr Ula El-Kafrawy

Burnley – Neonates

(covering Dr Seethamraju)

Dr Savi Sivashankar

Bury Community

Dr Bratai Bose-Haider

Countess of Chester

Dr Alison Timmis


Dr Clare Peckham


Dr Simon Burns

Liverpool Womens

Dr Bala Palanisami


Dr David Wright


Dr Nadeem Jilani

NMGH (covering Dr Jillani)

Dr Laura Downes

NMGH - Paeds and Neonates

Dr Kashif Iqbal

Oldham - Gen Paeds

Dr Jill Mant

Oldham - Gen Paeds

Dr Michael Perkin

Oldham (Neo Grid) 

Dr Khalid BenRahuma


Dr Santa Masila

Preston (Paediatrics)

Dr Samriddhi Padhye



Dr Danielle Pask


Dr Louise Turnbull


Dr Adila Afzal

SMH Neonates

Dr Ranganath Ranganna


Dr Sudhakar Kandasamy


Dr Elizabeth Shackley


Dr Anjali Date


Dr Aarti Sridharan 


Dr Swathi Upadrasta


Dr Ruth Anderson

Wigan (deputy)

Dr Sarah Hough

Wrexham and Glan Clwyd

Dr Matt Sandman


Dr Kuldip Bakaya




Programme Support Manager

Emma Woods

Programme Support Co-ordinator

Caron Owens

Programme Support Administrator - Cheshire & Mersey

Jennifer Tomley

Programme Support Administrator - Greater Manchester & Lancashire

Michele Turner-Holmes




Lead Employer

General enquiries






Where we provide training:

For area map of locations click here:  Map

 The Cheshire and Mersey rotation includes the following trusts:


  • Alder Hey Children’s Hospital 
  • Arrowe Park Hospital 
  • Countess of Chester NHS Foundation Trust 
  • Glan Clwyd Hospital 
  • Liverpool Women’s Hospital 
  • Macclesfield Hospital 
  • Mid-Cheshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust 
  • Ormskirk Hospital 
  • Warrington & Halton Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust 
  • Whiston Hospital 
  • Wrexham Maelor Hospital 


The Greater Manchester and Lancashire rotation includes the following trusts:


  • Blackpool Victoria Hospital
  • Burnley General Hospital
  • Longsight Health Centre
  • North Manchester General Hospital
  • Royal Albert Edward Infirmary
  • Royal Blackburn Hospital
  • Royal Bolton Hospital
  • Royal Lancaster Infirmary
  • Royal Manchester Children's Hospital
  • Royal Oldham Hospital
  • Royal Preston Hospital
  • St Mary's Hospital
  • Stepping Hill Hospital
  • Tameside General Hospital
  • Wythenshawe Hospital


Please find attached the trainee handbook for greater Manchester and Lancashire.

North West School of Paediatric Trainee Guide

Greater Manchester and Lancashire – go-to teaching website



 * Please note the ARCP terminology has changed: 

Panel A is now known as an ASSESSMENT PANEL 

Panel B is now known as a FEEDBACK PANEL 


ARCP dates:  

Assessment Panels 

January & July   

Feedback Panels 

February & August 


Your administrator will email you with your ARCP date and the required documentation you need to complete. 


Virtual ARCPs for 2021

for Mersey and Manchester trainees


The ARCPs for 2021 will be conducted virtually using Microsoft Teams.

This means the panels will review the eportfolios remotely prior to the ARCP date. Therefore, all trainees must ensure all evidence required, is uploaded at least 2 weeks prior to the ARCP date. 

* Please note that your Educational Supervisor report MUST be completed and uploaded 2 weeks prior to the ARCP

On the day of the ARCP the panel will review all evidence again and reach a decision.  The trainee may be contacted within the ARCP, either by Microsoft Teams or phone, and given the ARCP outcome along with any recommended actions. All trainees being assessed will be required to make themselves available.


Evidence required for the ARCP

For further information regarding your ARCP during the Covid 19 pandemic, please refer to the ARCP guidance on the Royal College of paediatrics and Child Health website:  Link


1) Form R/Self-Declaration Form:

Please note in addition to the Form R Part A and B this year, you MUST also submit a Self-Declaration Form which is mandatory.

Please note if you have problems opening any of these documents via Chrome please try Internet Explorer

Form R part A and B along with the Self-Declaration Form, must be submitted to your School Administrator via the dedicated in box ( ) noting in the subject heading if you are a Mersey or Manchester trainee, and uploaded to your eportfolio, at the latest, 2 weeks prior to your ARCP date.

2) CCT calculator:


Please refer to the RCPCH guidance on how to complete and download

The CCT calculator must be submitted to your School Administrator via the dedicated in box ( ) noting in the subject heading if you are a Mersey or Manchester trainee, and uploaded to your eportfolio, at the latest, 2-4 weeks prior to your ARCP date.

3) Decision Aids:


Trainee MUST ensure they carefully read requirements for ARCP and upload all required evidence by the required dates noted within your ARCP invite email. You shoudl also take a copy of this document to your Educational Superviosr meeting as a point of reference.

Decision Aid Level 1 link

Decision Aid Level 2 link

Decision Aid Level 3 link




Changes to the Educational Supervisor role wef September 2019.  See link: Educational Supervisor role


Guidance for the ARCP

Managing the eportfolio for ARCP:


To assist the ARCP process we require trainees to manage their eportfolios in an accessible format. The following link offers guidance on where to store your ARCP evidence.

Managing training posts on eportfolio:


The following offers guidance on how to enter your training posts on eportfolio.

Further links:






Important Dates:


Wednesday 20th


Tuesday 26th January 2021

Mersey Assessment dates


Thursday 11th February 2021

Mersey Feedback date

Wednesday 3rd


Friday 5th February 2021

Manchester Assessment dates


Thursday 25th February 2021

Manchester Feedback date

School Board

21st Apr 2021

Paediatric School Board

Via: Microsoft Teams

Time: 14:00 – 16:00


STEP Teaching

2019 - 2020

Contact for STEP Teaching: Lindsay Brunt, Medical Education Facilitator:  Lindsay Brunt

( 0151 252 5106 (Internal Ext. 2106)    

Link: Step teaching dates


Neonatal Neurology Education Session

Tuesday 20th July 2021  - 3 p.m - 6 p.m

Neonatal Neurology Education Session – Tuesday 20.7.21



Return to Training Programme course

 25th Sept 2020

9th Jan 2021

12th Mar 2021

Places can be booked by contacting:

with details of name, programme (Specialty/Foundation) and year of training

Link: SuppoRTT course


HEE North West Links: 

Careers advice

Conditions of Joining a Specialty Training Programme

Form R: Form R Part A

              Form R Part B

Trainee guide

HEE Privacy notice

Inter-Deanery Transfer Policy

Less Than Full Time (LTFT) Training

Medical Leadership Training

Out of Programme (OOP) information

Note: for OOPR/OOPT you will also be required to complete this RCPCH form.

For OOPR submit to for approval

For OOPT  for Mersey - submit to R. Garr, Regional Lead:;  

For OOPT  for Manchester - submit to N. Panwar, Regional Lead:

Paediatric Return to Training (RTT) course for Paediatric Trainees:  Link to poster
Paediatric SuppoRTT information and FAQs:  link

Policies & Procedures


Study leave/email:

SupportRTT – Return to Training Programme

Training Support Network