Medical Education Fellowship - Research

Health Education England, North West’s (HEE NW) Medical Education Fellowship (MEF) is a two-year programme designed to facilitate the development of trainees who have specific interest in medical education and aspire to take up a lead educator role in the future.

One component of the fellowship is a research project. The MEFs are required to design and implement an educational project. Below you can find the details of the projects the MEFs have completed or are undertaking. Should you like to know more about any of these projects, e-mail and a member of the team will put you in contact with the relevant MEF.

MEF: Dominic Haigh

Project Title: Near-peer Learning in Medical Virology: A Pilot Programme for Infection Trainees

Trust: Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust

Project Supervisor: Dr Nicholas Machin, Consultant Virologist and Clinical Lead for Virology

Project Team: Not applicable

Project Synopsis: My project is organising a teaching programme for infection trainees in non-virology specialties who are rotating into a placement in virology. I have created material for this virology programme in terms of reading material, signposting to relevant resources, and questions, including multiple choice questions. These are at the level of the Combined Infection Certificate Examination / FRCPath part 1 examination.

MEF: Cara Webb 

Project Title: Psychiatric Consultation Skills Toolkit 

Trust: Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust 

Project Supervisor: Dr Dushyanthan Mahadevan, Consultant Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist 

Project Team: Not applicable 

Project Synopsis: Creation of a video based consultation skills toolkit for use by psychiatric trainees with the aim of improving communication skills, to try to address the differential attainment at the CASC exam seen by international medical graduates (IMGs). 

MEF: Ruth Mitchell

Project Title: A Procedures and Simulation Course for Paediatric Trainees

Trust: Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust

Project Supervisor: Dr Louise Turnbull, Consultant Paediatrician

Project Team: Dr Jennifer Holman

Project Synopsis: I am setting up a new course to provide paediatric procedures and simulation training for ST1-3s, and trainees returning to work. Currently, procedures and simulation training in Greater Manchester and Lancashire vary depending on the hospitals trainees are placed in. I hope this course will offer all trainees the opportunity to boost their skills and confidence. Procedure sessions will be run by consultants or senior trainees who will teach best practice in core paediatric procedures and allow plenty of time for simulated practice. The course will also take advantage of Wythenshawe Hospital's high-fidelity simulation facilities for paediatric simulation scenarios.

A questionnaire circulated to all Greater Manchester and Lancashire paediatric trainees identified a need for additional procedures and simulation training in the region. A half-day pilot course showed improved confidence scores across all the procedures covered and in stepping up to middle grade roles. The first full day course will be held in February 2023.