GP Trainer Payments

GP Trainer Payments

All payments are made to practices by NHSE via PCSE

No invoices need to be raised, payments are made from internal reports and survey responses


Trainer Grants Payments:

Paid to the practice where the trainee is based monthly, 1 month in arrears.

· Rate is £736.83 per month from 1st April 2021

· Paid as a daily rate depending on how many days in the month the trainee has been placed there

  • 31 days - £23.77 per day (Jan, Mar, May, Jul, Aug, Oct, Dec)
  • 30 days - £24.56 per day (Apr, Jun, Sep, Nov)
  • 29 days - £25.41 per day (Feb Leap Year ONLY)
  • 28 days - £26.32 per day (Feb ONLY)


ESR Payments:

Paid to the practice of the ES of any trainees who have had an ARCP the previous month and an ES Report has been completed

· Rate is £200 per report

· Not paid when the trainer is based in the same practice as the ES as it forms part of the Trainers Grant


CPD Payment:

Paid to Educational Supervisors only

Survey is sent to all trainers at the end of October, they have a month to complete it and then the payments will be received by the practices in January

· Rate is £750 per Educational Supervisor

· Must be an ES on 1st Aug of the year to qualify for it

Please send any trainer payment queries to