3-Step GP Trainer Journey

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3-Step GP Trainer Journey


To support the ongoing expansion of GP Training and the Primary Care Workforce, the NW School of General Practice (in conjunction with the NW Training Hubs) has developed a new GP Trainer Journey. This is a 3-step pathway that will allow GPs to develop their educational skills to their preferred level.

The 3 steps of the GP Trainer journey are:

  • Step 1 – Foundation Supervisor
  • Step 2 – GPST Clinical Supervisor
  • Step 3 – GPST Educational Supervisor
  • Please select HERE  for frequently asked questions in relation to these courses. 

The GP Trainer Journey document also includes information about other courses you may be interested in, including the Wider Workforce Clinical Supervisor Course facilitated by the Training Hubs.

Please see attached for an overview of the current GP Trainer Journey, along with information regarding upcoming course dates, course objectives and eligibility criteria.

We will be running all courses on an ongoing basis and will advertise further dates accordingly. If you have any questions regarding any of the courses, please use the relevant contact details found inside the Trainer Journey Document.

Prior to the course you will be required to complete the accreditation paperwork and successfully complete a virtual practice visit from an Associate Dean or Lead Educator. Accreditation paperwork will be provided on the Sharepoint site provided to complete the course.

If you are not based in an approved Learning Environment, you will need to undergo a Unified Learning Environment Approval with your local Training Hub and Associate Dean. Further information regarding this can be found on our web page below: