NHSE&I New to Practice Fellowship Information

NHS England New to Practice Fellowship Scheme
This model of fellowship will be supported by NHS England and your local Training Hub. The fellowships will offer one session (pro rota) protected learning time per week over 2 years This will support your induction into your practice, PCN and both local and regional areas. You will have a qualified mentor for the 2 years as well as access to Peer support group and Coaching.

You will be given the opportunity to develop portfolio working with your PCN as well as a learning and development programme to help you with your transition from GPST to GP. Newly qualified GPs can apply to start a fellowship within their first 2 years post-CCT. You would need to be based in a practice in a salaried or partnership role.

For more information contact the relevant Training Hub for the area you are interested in:

Greater Manchester wbccg.GMTH@nhs.net  

Cheshire and Mersey  ecccg.cheshiretraininghub@nhs.net

Cumbria and Lancashire mbpcc.lscthub@nhs.net  

Differences between NHS England New to Practice Fellowship and the NW WTE Post-CCT Fellowship

NHS England New to Practice Fellowship NW WTE Post-CCT Fellowship

Must be within first 2 years of CCT

Must be within first 5 years of CCT

2-year programme

1 year programme

One funded session for development

2 funded sessions plus educational bursary

Peer support

Peer support

Qualified Mentor

Mentor provided by host organisation

Available to all GPs within first 2 years, either as salaried or partner in GMS practice

Up to 28 fellowship posts available across the NW (whilst in salaried or partnership post)

Learning and development package

Educational bursary available

PCN Portfolio working

PCN footprint advised

Coaching sessions

Induction and educational sessions



Greater Manchester wbccg.GMTH@nhs.net

Leaflet for: Potential Fellows / Practice Managers / PCN Directors


Cheshire and Mersey ecccg.cheshiretraininghub@nhs.net