Post CCT Information



Post-CCT Overview

There are two different post CCT fellowships available.

North West Workforce, Education and Training(NWE) (previously HEE) has offered a number of fellowships that practices can apply to host. They offer 1-2 sessions a week of funded time for education and a bursary. 



NW WTE also runs a Higher Professional Education (HPE) programme which is available to all GPs in the first 5 years – including locums as well as those in salaried posts, and is based around virtual half day sessions over a range of days - sessions are recorded. NW WTE also runs the Professional Education and Development (PED) which is an intensive programme over 2 years which is accredited at MSc level by the University of Central Lancashire (UCLAN). This is appropriate for GPs in a salaried or partnership post. The accreditation by UCLAN can link with Educational Supervisor academic accreditation towards a postgraduate Diploma or Masters. For information on either of these courses contact


The second fellowships are funded by NHS England, they are available for newly qualified GPs within 24 months of CCT who are in a substantive post - salaried or partnership, and offer catching, mentoring and educational support. They are organised by the training hubs - contact details to find out more about these are below - if the links don’t take you to the right place then contact the training hub directly - your practice manager should be able to give you details:  

Greater Manchester
Cheshire and Mersey
Cumbria and Lancashire