Post CCT GP Fellowship Programme - HEE NW

HEE Post-CCT Fellowships

The below information is for Employing Organisations and potential Fellows, so please read all the information provided.

Post-CCT Fellowship Vacancies will be featured on this page when they are advertised.

HEE are delighted to be able to support 28 Post-CCT fellows across the North West in 2021/22 as part of a national programme.

Full time posts

The full-time programme is likely to be delivered over a 9-10 session week and run for 12 months. The programme will allow for local variation in terms of content and clinical focus, the structure of Fellowship programmes will include:

  • At least 40% (likely 3- 4 sessions p/w) of traditional general practice, to develop clinical maturity as a GP. It is likely a primary care provider will be the main employer.
  • Up to 40% of time to develop skills and involvement in GP development beyond the MRCGP curriculum and relevant to the fellowship and five year forward aims. This might cover areas of workforce development within a practice including new ways of working, and could also be focused on priority areas for development such as urgent and emergency care or leadership, or in specific/ specialty areas for example care of the elderly such as frailty, mental health, oncology, paediatrics, veteran’s health, dermatology, diabetes etc. It may be a mix of clinical and organisational work.
  • 20% (2 session p/w) of protected education and training time. It is intended that an academic foundation will underpin the programme and provide robust governance and quality assurance. This may involve completion of a Postgraduate Certificate. A bursary of £5000 is available to support Postgraduate Certificates and Diplomas available in a range of areas, to be chosen by each fellow.
  • Fellows will attend an induction facilitated by HEE NW and will also be invited to attend Higher Professional Education and other appropriate events.


  • The programme can be adjusted for LTFT posts. How this breaks down in terms of funding for the education and training element will be determined on a case-by-case basis.


Who is eligible for a fellowship?

The posts are ideally intended to be the first substantive posts after CCT (not counting locums) to fit with the aim of recruiting new GPs. Applicants with more experience can be considered if places are available within the first five years of completing training.

How do I apply for a fellowship?

Practices and primary care organisations make the application to HEE to host a fellow and if they are successful, they will subsequently advertise the posts directly. Available posts will be advertised below – please contact the practice directly for information about individual opportunities. Posts are also likely to be advertised on NHS Jobs so this is another place we recommend that you look.

Who is my employment contract with during the fellowship?

Your contract of employment will be with the hosting practice/organisation during this time.

What is the salary for a Post CCT Fellowship?

Your host organisation will pay your full salary, and this will reflect current market rates. They will get remunerated by HEE for 2 sessions per week (up to a maximum of £18,964 including on-costs)

I have recently started in practice – can my practice apply for a fellowship for me?

Because of the delay from Covid we will take applications from practices who have new GPs in post from April 2021 for the HEE fellowships, as long as they fit the criteria.

Where can I find the job descriptions of the posts?

Job descriptions will be available from the employing organisation.

Can the start date be delayed?

Each case will be examined individually however it is expected that anything other than short delays in start date would only be for statutory reasons.

How many fellowships post are available?

HEE are able to support up to 28  fellowships across the North West. These will be spread geographically and be prioritised in terms of workforce need and opportunities offered.

How would someone apply for Tier 2 sponsorship?

HEE are unable to sponsor successful fellows for their Tier 2 visa applications. Sponsorship would need to be obtained by the employing organisation or placement host. For more information please visit the following link:

How are these different from NHS England Fellowships?

There are similarities between the schemes, as they both offer support for new GPs. The HEE fellowships give a day a week of funded educational time and area available for any GP within the first 5 years of practice. They are awarded to practices and organisations who are looking to develop GPS and new areas of work and particularly to support new ways of working and develop leadership and clinical skills to support the host practice. The NHS England fellowships are only for GPs in their first-year post CCT. They offer support towards a half a day a week over 2 years, educational support and mentoring. You can take up one of the opportunities, and the choice may depend on which practice you join. They are both great opportunities!

How do I find out more about HEE post-CCT fellowships?

For information regarding specific HEE fellowship opportunities, please contact the practice/primary care organisation directly.

Post-CCT Fellows Job Opportunities


Practice: Pendle View Medical Centre

Job Description and Advert

Position: Post CCT GP Fellowship Position

Sessions: 7 sessions per week - 5 clinical sessions & 2 educations sessions

Speciality Options: The clinical area of focus can be selected from the practice’s recommended service needs and the area of selection must be in line with the GP fellows speciality interest.

Location: Pendle View Medical Centre, 47 Arthur Street, Brierfield, Nelson, Lancashire, BB9 5RZ

Predicted start date: TBC

Applications and covering letter to: Contact Dr Umesh Chauhan for more information at

Closing date for applications: 23rd August 2021



Practice: The James Cochrane Practice

Job Description and Advert

Position: Post CCT Fellowship Position


  • 3 or 4 GP sessions/week
  • 2 GPwER Dermatology sessions/week
  • 2 funded Personal Study sessions/week

Speciality Options: GP and Dermatology

Location: Helme Chase Surgery, Burton Road, Kendal, Cumbria, LA9 7HR

Predicted start date: Ideally by 9th Sept 2021 with a final date of 7th Jan 2022

Applications and covering letter to: Emma Turner, Practice Operations Manager, Helme Chase Surgery, Burton Road, Kendal, Cumbria, LA9 7HR.

Closing date for applications: TBC



Practice: Guardian Medical Centre

Job Description and Advert

Position: Post CCT GP Fellowship Position

Sessions: 6 sessions (4 x clinical sessions & 2 x educational sessions)

Speciality options: Women’s’ health / Palliative Care / Safeguarding

Location: Guardian Medical Centre, Warrington, WA5 1UD

Predicted start date: January 2021

Applications and covering letter to:

Hannah Glyde (Practice Manager)

Closing date for applications:  6th August 2021