Medical Ophthalmology

Medical ophthalmologists (also known as ophthalmic physicians) are doctors who diagnose and treat medical eye conditions, many of which are related to diseases such as diabetes.


Training Programme Director

Ian Pearce

Based at St Paul's Eye Unit, Royal Liverpool University Hospital




ARCPs for Medical Ophthalmology are conducted nationally by NHS England's South West Office.

Medical Ophthalmology 2021 Training Curriculum Decision Aid - updated April 2022

Medical Ophthalmology 2015 ARCP Decision Aid for trainees remaining on the 2015 curriculum

Logbook: Medical Ophthalmology Logbook



Training Programme Support for Medical Ophthalmology

Medical Ophthalmology is looked after by the School of Medicine Administration Team. You can contact them by email via

Programme Support Manager Mandy Taylor Tel: 0161 268 9706
Programme Support Coordinator TBC Tel: 
Programme Support Administrator TBC Tel: 





Hospitals on the Medical Ophthalmology rotation

Royal Liverpool University Hospital - Liverpool University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

GMC Programme Code: NWE1030


Medical Ophthalmology Curriculum

Medical Ophthalmology training (2021)

Rough Guide to Implementation Medical Ophthalmology Curriculum - updated April 2022

Medical Ophthalmology 2021 CiPs mapping to previous curriculum competencies


National Medical Ophthalmology Recruitment

National Medical Specialty Recruitment Website (for Person specifications, timelines and general recruitment information)

Physician Higher Specialty Training Recruitment Information for Medical Ophthalmology

JRCPTB Specialty Information - Medical Ophthalmology 



Eye News - The clues of the eye – what is medical ophthalmology?

Royal College of Physicians - Specialty spotlight – medical ophthalmology

Liverpool University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust - The eye's the clue: Medical Ophthalmology at Liverpool


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