Internal medicine training



The internal medicine (IM) Stage 1 curriculum was approved by the GMC on 8 December 2017 and will replace core medical training (CMT) from August 2019. Internal medicine training (IMT) will form the first three years of post-foundation training and, for the main specialties supporting acute hospital care, an indicative 12 months of further internal medicine training will be integrated flexibly with specialty training in a dual programme.


Key Contacts

Postgraduate Dean - Professor Jane Mamelok

Head of School of Medicine - Dr John Anderton

Associate Head of School - Professor James Barrett

Associate Head of School - Professor Rosemary Morgan

Deputy Head of School - Dr Ray Keelan

Mersey IMT Education Lead - Dr Dinesh Damodaran

Mandy Taylor - Programme Support Manager

Jennifer Sneade - Programme Support Co-Ordinator


CurriculumInternal medicine stage 1 training curriculum

CurriculumInternal medicine stage 2 training curriculum

IMT Recruitment JRCPTB recruitment link

IMT Training Pathway

The specialties have been split into two groups which follow different training pathways:

Group 1

Dual training with Internal medicine


Group 2

Single CCT



IM1 - Three four-month posts mostly, including Geriatric Medicine

IM2 - Critical Care/Out patient and Ambulatory Care

Posts: 6 months/3 months 3 months (Critical Care)


IM3 - A supported Registrar year

        Greater involvement in the Acute Unselected Take

        Expected to “lead” the unselected take

        MRCP (UK) before the end of IMT3

Will only be placed in NW hospitals where there is support from a more senior medical registrar.



The IMT Decision Aid can be found here


Educational Supervisor

  • Educational supervisor is also usually your Clinical supervisor in first post of the year
  • Educational supervisor stays the same all year even if you move site
  • New clinical supervisor with each post i.e. second and third posts
  • You should have a sit-down meeting (Induction Appraisal) with your clinical supervisor in the first 2-3 weeks of the post.

Before the Meeting:

  • Sign educational, health and probity agreements
  • Fill in induction appraisal form (save not submit)
  • Fill in a PDP
  • Fill in ALS details in Certificates section
  • Take along your ALS certificate to the appraisal so dates can be verified
  • Arrange next meeting!


IMT Induction Booklet

IMT Induction Booklet - can be viewed here


Study Leave

All information regarding study leave can be accessed here

The study leave process must be followed even if you are attending the course on your day off and require funding

A full-time trainee is eligible for 30 days.  Any trainee who trains at LTFT receives study leave days pro rata

You must apply for study leave to attend Regional Teaching half-days or the QI Showcase and it is vital to ensure that you are able to attend by asking your supervising Consultant for patient safety.  Study leave is discretionary

Five days are taken off the 30-day allowance for regional teaching

Always use this study leave form here


Trust HR Department

•       Organise rotas
•       Need to know if you are off sick as does your Consultant
•       Sickness – if you miss more than 2 weeks work in one year you may need additional training time in IMT (although cases will be considered individually)
•       Absences section in the e portfolio
•       They collate leave requests although consent for leave dealt with departmentally
•       Annual leave - 27 days per year.
•       Plan ahead – minimum 6 weeks notice


Lead Employer - Health, Work and Wellbeing

•       Health assessments and immunisation
•       Counselling
•       Psychiatric and psychological and health support
•       Health education and promotion
•       You can self-refer
•       Website:
•       Email:
•       Telephone: 0151 290 4070


Raising Concerns

If you have any concerns regarding any aspect of your training you should raise them immediately


Locally first - Trust:

  • Educational Supervisor
  • Director of Medical Education
  • Medical Education Manager
  • Guardian of Safe Working
  • Guardian of Safe Speaking

School of Medicine:

  • Training Programme Director or IMT Zonal Administrator



All information regarding revalidation can be accessed here

  • The Postgraduate Dean is the Responsible Officer for all trainees, including those out of programme and on statutory leave
  • Trainee revalidation is via the ARCP process
  • Completed ARCPs – outcomes 2 or 3 usually lead to a positive recommendation for revalidation
  • Deferral of revalidation sometimes happens and is not detrimental
  • Every trainee must complete and submit a Form R as part of the ARCP every year


NW/MERS Speciality Representatives

Sector Grade Name Email Address
Mersey IMY1 Stephanie Bradbury
Mersey IMY2 Angus Gane
Mersey IMY3 Amit Banerjee
Lancs and South Cumbria   Mhd Imran Hossain
Lancs and South Cumbria   Joanna Nathan /
Manchester South   Thomas McDonnell
Manchester North IMY1 Colm Doherty
Manchester North IMY1 Lucy Higgins
Manchester North IMY2 Laura White
Manchester North IMY2 Niamh Hanna
Manchester North IMY3 Adib Nimri
Manchester North IMY3 Saadat Ahmed





Welcome to Internal Medicine Training

There are three Programme Directors for Internal Medicine Training (IMT) covering the Mersey, Cheshire and Isle of Man zone of HEENW. Our role is to ensure that the training you are given in all core medical specialties is of high quality and well-coordinated. Each year you will each be trained by a number of Consultant Physicians, skilled not only in their own fields but also in supporting education for medical trainees. You will also discover that you receive very valuable training from non-consultant grade doctors, senior trainees and senior nursing staff during your placements.

You may well have dealings with both Training Programme Directors during your time in IMT, but each hospital Trust will be covered primarily by one of us and this person should be your first point of contact if you need our input with anything.

In all your posts you will have both clinical supervisors and educational supervisors. The latter will meet with you regularly for appraisal and supervision of training, although we rely on you to instigate the meetings. We expect a high level of commitment from you in your role as adult learners taking, responsibility to ensure that you progress with your training at a satisfactory rate.

Apart from ourselves and those you will work closely with in your Trusts, there is a further supportive network of medical educationalists who can help you if necessary, including the College Tutors and Directors of Medical Education in each of your Trusts.

The Mersey IMT programme offers excellent training which will provide the breadth and depth of medical expertise you require before embarking on more specialised training, provided you use your opportunities wisely.


Good luck!


Training Programme Directors

Dr Katie Clark - IMY1 TPD

St Helen's and Knowsley NHS Trust

Dr Rob Egdell - IMY3 and ACF TPD

East Cheshire NHS Trust

Dr Gurinder Tack - IMY2 TPD

Aintree University Hospital 


IMT Zonal Administrator - Mersey, Cheshire and Isle of Man 


Nicola Moffitt

Regatta Place, Brunswick Business Park, Liverpool, L3 4BL

0151 479 2637


College Tutors

Arrowe Park -  Dr Helen Kalaher and Dr Alex Lakowski

Clatterbridge Cancer Centre - Dr Noor Tariq

Royal Liverpool - Dr Shahed Ahmed and Dr Pallavi Hegde

Liverpool Heart and Chest - Dr Victoria Pettemerides (currently on mat leave).  Dr Joel Giblett is interim College Tutor

Aintree - Dr Dan Thomas and Dr Yew Yap

Walton Centre - Dr Dinesh Damodoran

Countess of Chester - Dr Haika Shoo (currently on mat leave).  Dr Qaffaf is interim College Tutor

Leighton - Dr Michelle Kidd

Macclesfield - Dr Jo Gallagher 

Nobles - Dr John Thomas

Southport - Dr Beth Glackin

Warrington - Dr Amir Baluwala

Whiston - Dr Karen Short (currently on mat leave) and Dr Jo Heaton


Educational Supervisor

  • Educational supervisor is also usually your Clinical supervisor in first post of the year
  • Educational supervisor stays the same all year even if you move site
  • New clinical supervisor with each post i.e. second and third posts
  • You should have a sit-down meeting (Induction Appraisal) with your clinical supervisor in the first 2-3 weeks of the post.

Before the Meeting:

  • Sign educational, health and probity agreements
  • Fill in induction appraisal form (save not submit)
  • Fill in a PDP
  • Fill in ALS details in Certificates section
  • Take along your ALS certificate to the appraisal so dates can be verified
  • Arrange next meeting!


IMT Teaching Programme

Morning sessions will run from 9.30am-12.30pm, with registration 9-9.30am. Unless stated, afternoon sessions will run from 2-5pm with registration 1.30-2pm.  The programme will be updated shortly.


Chester - Education Centre

30 September 2021

2 - 5pm

Infectious Diseases 

Arrowe Park - Lecture Theatre, Education Centre


6 October 2021

2 - 5pm


Crewe - Education Centre

 27 October 2021

1.30 - 4.30pm

Gastroenterology / Hepatology
Southport - Education Centre

30 Nov 2021

1.30 - 4.30pm

Pregnant Patient
LUHFT - Broadgreen Hospital Education Centre

9 Dec 2021 

1 - 4.30pm

Acute Med
Warrington - Halton Hospital Education Centre, WA7 2DA

1 March 2022

12.30 - 5pm

Diabetes and Endocrinology


Aintree - Lecture Theatre, Clinical Science Building

29 March 2022

1 - 5pm

RLUH - Lecture Theatre, Education Centre

28 April 2022

2 - 5pm

Genetics / CPT

QI Showcase - Salford Royal Infirmary

11 May 2022

QI Showcase
Whiston - Education Centre

19 May 2022

1.30 - 4.30pm

Palliative Care
LHCH - Education Centre

8 June 2022

1.30 - 4.30pm

WCNN - Education Centre

13 July 2022

2 - 5pm



IMY3 Teaching

IMY3 trainees will attend the GIM teaching sessions, along with IMY3 regional teaching sessions.  Programme can be found here


All Trainees should attend their local Trust Education sessions (Contact College Tutor).


Royal College of Physicians – Mersey Regional Office


The Mersey RCP office runs a monthly teach-in programme at the Liverpool Medical Institution on the first Tuesday of the month (excluding January and August). Attendees can book a place online at from 2 weeks before the teach-in. Registration is from 6 – 6.30 pm. The teach-in starts at 6.30pm and closes at 8.30 pm. There is no charge to attend.


Each teach-in focuses on a different medical specialty and aims to provide an update on advances in clinical practice for doctors in training.

Contact for more information.


Mock PACES Examination

The Mersey RCP office runs 1 or 2 Mock PACES examinations each diet. The cost to take part is £100.00 per candidate.


The aim is to test candidates’ ability to demonstrate in a clinical setting the knowledge, skills and attitudes appropriate for a physician who is eligible to take PACES and is completing Core Medical Training.


The mock PACES examination consists of five clinical stations moving round each station at regular timed intervals until they have completed the cycle. Run in accordance with MRCP(UK) regulations to give real-life experience of examination conditions, it will provide candidates with an opportunity to reflect on their strengths and weaknesses under the pressure of close observation and to identify common and repeated simple mistakes which can be easily corrected.


Previous attendees to the mock PACES examinations have found them very useful in their exam preparations.


The next date will be TBC.  Those that are interested can send an email to 


RCP Updates in Medicine

The Mersey RCP office runs a Regional Update in Medicine and an Acute Medicine Update each year. These are one day conferences attracting 5 CPD points.


The programme is relevant to doctors in training.

Contact for more information.


Courses and Events

Forthcoming relating to the RCP - Mersey Region can be found on their website here.


Core/Mandatory Courses and Meetings

For Internal Medicine Training the courses/training identified in the table below are recommended.


  • The ALS course is mandatory to ensure you are always up to date.
  • We need you to attend 70% of the Regional IMT Teaching and poor attendance can result in a poor outcome at the ARCP. 
  • The other courses identified are largely related to obtaining the MRCP exam. Look under ‘Courses and events’ for details.
  • Each Trust will have its own study leave rules and funding limits. You should arrange your study leave with those guidelines in mind.


General (Internal) Medicine (IMT1+2/ST1+2)

Year of Training Description of Event Frequency Comments
To avoid expiry ALS To keep up to date -
Every Year IMT monthly Regional Teaching x10/year (must attend at least 70%) -
Depending on progress towards MRCP MRCP part 1 course - Desirable
MRCP part 2 course - Desirable Desirable
PACES course - Desirable Desirable
Ongoing LMI Evening teaching Sessions Monthly


(can count towards annual teaching requirements in CMT)

IMT2/ST2 Teaching Course Once Desirable
Ongoing RCP Regional Update in Medicine Meeting Annually


(can count towards annual teaching requirements in CMT)


Further information


Training in the Isle of Man

Those of you training in, or wishing to train, in the Isle of Man should watch this informative video filmed by Mark Roberts at the Medical Education Centre in Nobles


North Western


Training Programme Directors


South Cumbria and Lancshire Sector

Dr Simon Howell

Royal Preston Hospital


Dr Fiona Wood

Furness General Hospital


North Sector

Dr Andrew Robinson

Salford Royal Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust


Dr Serena Tolhurst-Cleaver

Salford Royal Hospital NHS Foundation Trust


South Sector

Dr Pippa Newton

University Hospital of South Manchester


Dr Simon Watt

Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust


General Description of Rotation

The three programme zones, while providing the same high standards, each offer differing flavours of training. There are four trusts with seven sites in Lancashire and Cumbria; four trusts and seven sites in Greater Manchester North and West; and four trusts and six sites in Central Manchester South and East.


Successful applicants are asked to express a preference between the different training tracks, to suit individual interests and career plans. Allocation to tracks is on the basis of expressed preference and interview score.


Educational Opportunities

There is an active and successful NW regional Royal College of Physicians programme of education, including teach-ins and training days.

Clinical skills teaching and simulation sessions are integral part of the regional educational programme. There are well established PACES teaching within individual sectors.

Core Medical Training