Infectious diseases / Combined infection training



The Specialty

The Royal College of Physicians recognises four types of Infectious Disease Physicians:

  • an Infectious Disease Physician.
  • a General Physician with an interest in Infectious Disease.
  • an Infectious Disease Physician with an interest in Tropical Medicine.
  • a Clinical Microbiology (or Virology) Physician with an interest and accreditation in Infectious Diseases or Tropical Medicine.


Curriculum - Infectious Diseases Training (2014)

Curriculum - Infectious Diseases Training (2021)

Curriculum - Tropical Medicine Training (2014)

Curriculum - Tropical Medicine Training (2021)


The North West Region is capable of training all these types.


Health Education England, North West

The Mersey and North Western deaneries merged in 2014 to form a single Deanery. Coming at the same time as the merger of infectious diseases and microbiology training into combined infection training this has provided an opportunity to rethink infection training in the region.


Although the two infection rotations in Liverpool and Manchester are still distinct rotations they have now merged administratively including for ARCP, STEC and national representation purposes. Training programmes are shared and joint regional training half days take place twice a year. Although the rotation of posts across the region cannot be guaranteed, trainees wishing to rotate may be considered for placements during ID, Microbiology or GIM training.


Applying for our training programmes


We recruit through the biannual national recruitment where the applicants are assessed at 3 stations:

  1. a CV station that discusses their training so far and commitment to infection training.
  2. a clinical station where clinical scenarios related to common infections are discussed – the scenarios are designed to test experience and knowledge at end of CMT.
  3. a presentation and quality improvement station where candidates give a brief 3-minute presentation on quality improvement project or audit they have been part of and then answer some questions on their experience.


You can find out more about recruitment at ST3 recruitment of infectious diseases, where information on vacancies is posted and where further links to the on-line portal are also available.


Essential Experience

All applicants must have completed core medical training and successfully passed PACES.


Desirable Experience

Some previous experience of Infectious Disease, GUM or Tropical Medicine is an advantage, but not essential. A Diploma in Tropical Medicine and Hygiene (or other further degree) is also seen as an advantage, as is research experience.


Contacts and Further Information

Information on the curricula and assessment can be found on the following websites:-


Further information on a career in Infectious Disease and Tropical Medicine can be found on the BMJ Careers Focus Site.


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