NW SuppoRTT Course

The NW SuppoRTT Course consists of 3 days. The first two days are generic, and organised centrally for the region, and the third day is a specialty specific day which is co-ordinated by your School SuppoRTT Champion. All doctors in training who have been out of training for a period of 3 months or more are eligible to apply to come on the NW SuppoRTT Course.

If you have been out of training for less than 3 months please contact the team at Lancashire Teaching NHS Foundation Trust, who manage the course for NHSE, at SuppoRTT@lthtr.nhs.uk to discuss your requirements prior to applying. 

The NW SuppoRTT Course is free of charge. If you need to apply for a KIT/SPLIT or SRTT day and / or travel expenses to attend please visit our Return to Training Activities (RTT-A) page.

DAY 1 

Day 1 of the NW SuppoRTT Course is delivered virtually over Zoom, and is a mixture of interactive workshop and lecture based sessions.

The first session looks at some of the issues that people returning to work experience in general and also at the particular concerns of the group on the day through a slido poll. Some of these concerns will be looked at in greater depth and you will be signposted towards resources to help. The session highlights the SuppoRTT process and how this can help when returning to work, in particular the meetings with your Educational Supervisor / TPD and the use of KIT or SRTT days. It also addresses some of the more practical issues affecting those returning to work including returning on a less than full time basis. Links to online resources are included in the presentation.

The next two sessions focus on two common human factors topics, communication and decision making.

  • In the first of these sessions we will look at communication and its importance in the workplace, with an emphasis on how we can utilise our communication skills to improve confidence when returning to work after time away. We will discuss barriers to communication, including those encountered as a result of COVID-19, and review some techniques to improve the way we communicate. Topics covered will include debriefing, critical language, and assertive language with the PACE technique for raising concerns in a clinical environment. 
  • The second of these sessions is a talk on decision making, helping us to understand the way we think and thereby the way in which we make decisions. You will then be given an overview of how and when cognitive errors occur and what we can try to do in order to mitigate these.

The afternoon begins with a session from Sally Beyer, a Coach and Trainer who also runs the Overcoming Imposter Feeling Interactive Webinar that is highly recommended (further details of the webinars can be found here). In this interactive session we will explore recent findings from neuroscience that help us to understand more about our stress responses and explore ways to manage change in a resourceful way. In a safe space, Sally will be encouraging you to be honest about your own situations and helping you explore how to thrive as you return to work by building skills in cognitive awareness & emotional agility. Sally will share a number of useful coaching tools that are proven to help when we are experiencing stress.  Our aim is to make the session practical, fun and useful.  There will be an opportunity to talk with other doctors in the same situation and gain mutual support and encouragement.

At multiple points throughout the day there will be opportunities for delegates to ask questions, either to the whole group, or on a one to one basis if needed.

Core Faculty:

  • Sally Beyer, Coach and Trainer
  • Karen Kidner, Consultant Anaesthetist and Anaesthetic SuppoRTT Champion
  • Shelley Regan, Consultant in Emergency Medicine and Course Lead
  • Catherine Roberts, Consultant in Intensive Care Medicine and ICM SuppoRTT Champion
  • Kirsten Walthall, Consultant in Emergency Medicine and Simulation and Course Lead



14th June 2024

25th July 2024

25th September 2025

6th November 2024

9th January 2025

4th March 2025

To book your place please click here.


Day 2 of the NW SuppoRTT Course is designed to make you more comfortable in returning to the clinical workplace*. It is held at three site across the region; the simulation centres at Aintree, Royal Preston and Wythenshawe Hospital.

In the morning you will practice your communication skills in small groups working through scenarios tailored to your specialty background, with the aid of communication skills tutors and simulated patient actors. These scenarios range from interaction that you would find in the community or out-patient clinic to breaking bad news to relatives.

A resus skills session will then refresh your knowledge of adult and paediatric (if appropriate) basic life support, as well as giving you the opportunity to practice basic airway management and IO access. Donning and Doffing will also be covered.

Following lunch you will then be involved in three scenarios delivered by the simulation teams. These scenarios will focus on acute medical and surgical emergencies that you might encounter in the community, ward or other hospital settings, and again will be tailored to your work environment. After each scenario the team will sit down with you all as a group to facilitate a debrief, where any clinical questions you may have will be answered and non-technical skills will be discussed.

The Day 2s are delivered by the local simulation centre teams with input from clinicians during clinical scenarios and debriefs. 

There are various dates for Day 2 of the course and the options will be discussed with you as part of the booking process. 

*Day 2 is not recommended for trainees who are returning to non-patient facing specialties

DAY 3 

Day 3 of the NW SuppoRTT Course is organised by your School SuppoRTT Champion. Please click on the School name to download the flyer.



  • 10th June 2024                  
  • 9th October 2024

To register please contact Dr Kidner karen.kidner@lthtr.nhs.uk


Emergency Medicine

Dates TBC

Liverpool University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

To register please contact Annemarie.Brown@liverpoolft.nhs.uk

General Practice

Tuesday 17th September 2024 (09:00-12:20)

Regatta Place, Liverpool

To register please click here.


Enquiries: england.gptraining.nw@nhs.net


  • 2nd July 2024
  • 15th October 2024

To register please complete the booking form here.

Enquiries: SuppoRTT@lthtr.nhs.uk


To register please email: 



  • 17th July 2024

NHS England, 3 Piccadilly Place, Manchester 

To book your place please click here

Enquiries: ashley.gallagher3@nhs.net


General & Breast

Dates TBC

Trauma & Orthopaedics

  • 27th January 2025


08:45-16:45, 3rd July 2024

Clinical Skills Centre, Wirral University Teaching Hospital

To book your place please email wuth.clinicalsimulation@nhs.net


Dates TBC

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