SuppoRTT Guidance, Process and Forms


Please click here for the newly updated NW SuppoRTT Guidance document.

Ideally the SuppoRTT process should start before a Postgraduate Doctor/Dentist in Training (PGDiT) begins their time out of programme (where possible) and should end post-return when the PGDiT and their supervisors feel that they are ready to resume the full responsibilities of their role.  

It is recommended that you familiarise yourself with the NW SuppoRTT Guidance (link above) however a summary of each element of the process can be found by clicking on the buttons in the process below. Links to the *NEW* forms can also be found below. 


No SuppoRTT: Some Postgraduate Doctors and Dentists who take a break from training may not require additional support from this programme when they return, for a number of reasons including continuing clinical practice whilst OOP. Please discuss this with your training programme and if you decide not to access SuppoRTT please complete the No SuppoRTT Form. This will prevent us from contacting you unnecessarily and will help give us an accurate number of Doctors/Dentists who require SuppoRTT.  


Our Clinical Fellow offers regular sessions for Doctors and Dentists who are currently taking time out of training and would like guidance or advice about the SuppoRTT process; further details about the Coffee Catch Up sessions can be found here.


Links to Webpages  Links to relevant forms
Pre-Absence period Pre-Absence Form
KIT/SPLIT and SRTT Days RTT-A Application Form
Pre-Return period/Planning your return Pre-Return Form
Enhanced Supervision period
Post-Return period Post-Return Form


Page updated 2nd May 2024