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What is SuppoRTT?

This presentation from Dr Alison Gale, Associate Dean for SuppoRTT, outlines the SuppoRTT programme and process in the North West.

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SuppoRTT e-Learning 

There is now a Supported Return to Training module for trainees available on e-Learning for Health. 

The objectives of the module are to:

  • Understand the Supported Return to Training process.
  • Recognise common issues and concerns for returning trainees.
  • Gain information on the sources of support you may find helpful when returning to training.
  • Hear from other trainees on their positive experiences of returning to training

To access this module please visit:

NW SuppoRTT WhatsApp Group 

This group is for anyone taking time out and can be used for peer support or advice and guidance. It is for by trainees for trainees. Scan the QR code or use this link to join



Close Your Eyes: The Memories of Staff from UHB 








The Enemy Within: The Imposter Phenomenon








Life, Death and Doing it All Again Tomorrow: A Story of Burnout









Double Shift: Life as A Parent and A Doctor








Life After Loss: A Story of Bereavement









The Run: A Story of Resilience

SuppoRTT Immersive Technology Resources 

The following are immersive technology resources which are aimed at a wide range of medical and surgical trainees, and can be accessed from home using a mobile phone or computer. They can also be used for group simulation and learning sessions. Many resources contain interactive immersive components; these can be viewed using just a computer screen, however for a more interactive experience you can use a VR headset.

Remote Consultation: an immersive technology resource

This is an online e-learning and immersive 360 degree video resource based around a remote consultation. It was originally developed with shielding/displaced trainees in mind, however this will be a useful resource for anyone consulting remotely. It addresses key skills including communication, using the multidisciplinary team, clinical management and safeguarding, as well as offering the opportunity to 'step inside' the consultation from the patient's perspective!


Three new immersive technology resources were launched in December 2021 which are a set of engaging interactive training resources including immersive 360-degree video scenarios, designed to help improve those essential human factor skills required to lead and be part of an effective team.

Although the resources were developed for trainees who have taken time out of training, they are helpful to anyone who wants to learn more about effective teamworking.

  • Teamworking in Medicine
  • Teamworking in Paediatrics
  • Teamworking in Surgery

These resources can be found at:

Escalating Concerns and Speaking Up

This resource is for people returning to work in the NHS after any prolonged absence. The purpose of this training is to empower returners to work with the confidence to speak up about any concerns they may have. 

This rich and innovative course is designed to immerse the learner in the first unaccompanied shift of a doctor returning to work after prolonged absence.

Please follow this link to access the resource:

Free VR Headset

If you would like to be sent a free cardboard VR headset please email your full name and postal adress to

National SuppoRTT Programme Facebook Group 

This group is run by the local Clinical Fellows working with the SuppoRTT programmes in each region. Join for information, guidance, advice or to connect with other people in a similar situation to you.

Less Than Full Time Training

Dr Karen Kidner (whose many roles include Consultant Anesthetist, Associate DME, LTFT Flexible Training Champion and  Trust SuppoRTT Champion for Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS FT, and TPD and School SuppoRTT Champion for the NW School of Anaesthetics) delivers this excellent presentation on Less Than Full Time training, the advantages (and challenges), the process, the practicalities, rotas and who can offer support:  

LTFT Presentation from SuppoRTT Update Webinar

This toolkit aims to support trainee colleagues during long term sick leave with mental health illness. 

Helping you to gain the most amount of help and support during an extremely difficult time, the toolkit provides advice on areas such as occupational health, practitioner health, counselling and it also explores areas such as return to work planning, keep in-touch days and less than full time training.

It has been written by Dr Matthew Palethorpe, Core Anaesthetics trainee in the North West, and has been endorsed by both NHSE and the Lead Employer. 

Mothers in Medicine Podcast

This podcast includes honest and open conversations with leaders in the medical field who are also mothers. Hear their real life stories and also gain from their practical tips and advice for managing the juggle. (available on multiple platforms)

Breastfeeding Legal Rights

This Advice on Breastfeeding Legal Rights Factsheet has been developed to help support trainees who return to training.  

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Training Support Network

The Training Support Network (TSN) was established to signpost trainees, and their trainers, to specialist support services. 

Please see the Training Support Network pages for the Directory of Services as well as other useful sources of information which may help you, your families and teams:

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