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Download the GP specific frequently asked questions here

NB Plus is a subscription for online learning from NB Medical. More information can be found here. This enables GPSTs to have access to the full complement of courses that NB Medical provide for a period of twelve months at a time convenient to them. It includes live or pre-recorded courses in:

  • Hot Topics GP Update
  • Safeguarding and Child Protection
  • Basic Life Support
  • Diabetes
  • Cancer
  • Women's health
  • Urgent Care
  • Mental Health
  • and many more!

Subscriptions will need to be purchased directly from NB Medical, but reimbursement can be requested via the RTT-A process.

**Courses are available from other providers**.

Red Whale - FourteenFish

Red Whale Unlimited - 12 months unlimited access to ALL Red Whale online learning – full and half day online courses, on a range of primary care topics, to watch live or on demand. Includes access to 900+ online articles on for further learning and to help you answer questions in consultations. Find out what's included on their website.

Subscriptions will need to be purchased directly from Red Whale, but reimbursement can be requested via the RTT-A process.

The AKT is a mandatory exam for MRCGP and it is a computer marked paper testing APPLICATION of knowledge in a general practice setting. 
The exam is 200 questions over 3 hours 10 minutes and is held at a Pearson Vue test centre. The pass mark is usually around 70% and just over two thirds of those sitting the paper pass at any one sitting.
80% of questions are clinical medicine, 10% are organizational and 10% are evidence interpretation (statistics)

Please see Preparing for the AKT for more information and tips on how pass the exam.

As part of her role as Associate Dean in Health Education North West, Dr Alison Caldwell looks after GP trainees who sit the AKT and those that may fail. In this episode she shares her pearls of wisdom for preparing and sitting the AKT.

It has lots of useful information for trainees and trainers including how to break down the curriculum and where to best focus learning as well as how to actually do that learning effectively. We also cover how to improve exam technique as well as useful resources and specific advice for those who have tried and failed the exam.
We really want to make these episodes relevant and helpful: if you have any questions or want any particular areas covered then contact us on Twitter @PCKBpodcast

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