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The role of a ARCP Panel Member is to review evidence provided by a trainee and their Supervisors to arrive at a judgement of their progression.  Further guidance on the ARCP Process can be found within The Gold Guide.

Information regarding upcoming panel dates will be emailed by the Programme Support Team two months prior to the set panel dates. If you are interested in being a panel member for any of the ARCP dates noted within the ARCP Panel Member Booking Form, you must fill in the below form: 

ARCP Panel member booking request form

A member of the Programme Support Team will be in contact 6 weeks prior to the panel to advise if you have been allocated to a panel. 

Please note, to be a panel member you must be a clinical or educational supervisor and have up to date equality and diversity training. 


ARCP Panel Member Guidance:

By agreeing to be a panel member it is understood that you have knowledge of the ARCP principles contained below. It is important that prior to the ARCP you review the information in the below links and attachments. If you have any questions from reviewing the below, these can be asked at the Psychiatry pre-chat on the day of the panel. 

GMC Promoting Excellence: Standards for medical education and training


ARCP protocol for Specialty Trainees

ARCP Process Video

In addition to the above, please ensure you are aware of the principles in the following: 

ARCP Webinar – Covid-19

ARCP Webinar Covid-19 - Slides

ARCP Decision Aid - Supporting the COVID-19 Response: Enabling Progression at ARCP 

Coding for ARCPs - 2020 ARCPs where COVID-19 has impacted on trainee progression 

RCPsych curriculum information

In advance of the Panel you will be sent a Microsoft teams invite, containing joining information and allocated timeslot, along with a list of trainees you will be reviewing on the day. 

*We advice that trainees are reviewed and proformas complete within the 72 hour window prior to panel date.


On the day of the panel 


  1.  Panel members will have been allocated a 45 minute time slot to feedback their findings and outcome for the trainees they have been allocated,  the Training Programme Dirctor will act as the 2nd signatory to confirm they are happy with the assessment outcome. 
  2. A run through of the Psychiatry E-portfolio by the Training Programme Directors both patries will agree on outcome which will then be issued on eportoflio live at panel.

The online proformas can be opened below. One proforma will need to be completed for each trainee:



Guidance Video 

Please click the link below to view the ARCP guidance video, bringing any questions you have to the ARCP pre-chat. 

ARCP Guidance Video

Portfolio Review Video