PGCert Medical Leadership

PGCert Medical Leadership

Health Education England is committed to developing effective, values-based, resilient and reflective medical leaders who are able to enhance the safety and quality of patient care and use their influence to deliver practice-based change, across healthcare systems.

To support trainees in meeting the essential capabilities in leadership and teamworking, HEE each year offers higher specialty trainees at ST4 and above, and GPST1-3 trainees the opportunity of a funded place to complete module 1 (HEA4117) of the PGCert in Medical Leadership at Edge Hill University.

What the module will cover

The module aligns to the standards as set by the NHS Healthcare Leadership Model (2013), the Faculty of Medical Leadership and Management standards (2016), the GMC Leadership and Management for all Doctors (2012) and the Generic Professional Capabilities Framework (2017).

The aim of the module is to develop reflective medical leaders who are aware of their strengths, limitations/challenges and who can proactively manage themselves, lead their teams and practice-based change, across the healthcare system. You will undertake a variety of self-assessment tools such as personality type, team role preference, Emotional Intelligence and resilience.

How will the module be delivered?

Due to the COVID 19 pandemic, there is still uncertainty regarding how much campus-based classroom teaching will be permitted from September 2020. The modules have previously been delivered as a blended approach to learning and teaching, using a variety of face-to-face formats supported by a wide range of online activities.

It is the university’s intent to provide a blended learning approach from September 2020, if it is possible to deliver face-to-face sessions which meet the Coronavirus safety requirements to protect students and staff.

Dependent on Government advice, Edge Hill may:

  1. Offer some campus-based face-to-face contact teaching supported by online activities.
  2. Offer wholly online delivery using a combination of synchronous and asynchronous engagement. The latter will provide flexibility for student engagement at convenient times.
  3. Commence delivery online, but with the option of moving to campus-based face-to-face sessions as permissible as things evolve.

All sessions will be recorded and hosted on our Virtual Learning Environment together with our extensive range of support resources.

Prospective students must therefore be able to 'attend' the published dates whether these are face-to-face or online. These options will allow course provision to continue, whilst ensuring your safety.

More information about the course can be found on Edge Hill University website.

Module Learning Outcomes

You will be required to

  • appraise your own qualities, skills, strengths and challenges
  • explore the impact of own behaviour on your team and wider organisational settings and
  • reflection on own role in practice-based change

Assessment required for successful completion

You will be provided with a personal Reflective Journal, mapped to the FMLM Standards and learning outcomes.

The formative assessment consists of one reflective patch taken from your Reflective Journal.

The summative assignment consists of an integrated reflective portfolio that incorporates reflective patches and a personal leadership development plan (3,000 words).

What are the benefits of doing the module?

  • Satisfactory completion of module 1 (HEA4117) will provide evidence of meeting specialty curricula requirements.
  • There are 10 cohorts a year, which means that you can start the course to fit your work commitments and clinical exam schedule
  • The process of reflection and learning will assist trainees to undertake transition to consultant.
  • You will be tasked to develop a Reflective Journal – this will support you with your appraisal and future revalidation
  • You will gain self-awareness and useful insight into your leadership approach. The insight gained will inform your personal leadership development plan.
  • One-to-one support is available from Edge Hill University and RCP tutors to support the development of academic writing and reflective skills. 


The course is designed for all ST4+ hospital-based higher specialty trainees including Psychiatric trainees and hospital-based dental trainees. GPST1-3 are also eligible to apply.

It is recommended that senior trainees complete this programme of study or its equivalent prior to CCT. In order to complete all elements of the course applicants must ensure they have at least three months before their CCT date from workshop 1 of the relevant cohort.

All applicants must be able to demonstrate the following:

  • Received a satisfactory outcome from their most recent ARCP
  • Can provide a statement of approval from their Educational Supervisor (ES) confirming that they are making satisfactory progress.

We are unable to accept applications from trainees who are currently

  • Maternity / Paternity / Sick / Special Leave
  • Out of Programme

How to apply

Trainees who are eligible for a funded place will be contacted directly by Edge Hill University no later than August. Applicants must have received a satisfactory outcome from their ARCP and provide a signed statement of approval from their TPD/ES. You should also check the dates for the module sessions to ensure that you are able to attend all dates as they are a key element of the programme.

If you think that you are eligible and by the middle of August you have not received an email from Edge Hill (please check your spam/junk mail),  please contact

Key Dates

This module is normally studied over 3 full days synchronous delivery (either face-to-face or online) and the equivalency of 3 days asynchronous online delivery.

Click here for 2020 / 2021 cohort dates 

Please note these are subject to change - for more information visit Edge Hill University website

Study Leave

Once you have enrolled onto module 1 (HEA4117) you need to apply for a full day’s study leave for each of the 3 synchronous workshop days. Even if you are unable to attend the workshops in real time you can book study leave, in order to view the resources at your own convenience, and complete necessary course work.

Cancellation Policy

The value of this course is equivalent to £750 and as we are accountable for the management of public funds, HEE reserves the right to enforce the cancellation policy.  Please ensure you are familiar with this prior to application.

Self-Funded Applications

If you would like to self-fund your place on this course, please visit Edge Hill University webpages to download an application form. 

For information on current module fees, please refer to the Edge Hill University website:


Dr Fiona Clarke 

Associate Postgraduate Dean for Medical Leadership

Health Education England

(Learner Support and Faculty Development Team)   01616257651 
Sarah Metcalfe Programme Support Manager

Justin Baker

Programme Officer
Charlotte Moen Programme Leader Edge Hill University


Paula Hunter

Postgraduate Medical Institute Programmes Administrator