Educator Development

North West Annual PGMD Educator Conference 2016

On Thursday 8th September 2016 the North West Annual Postgraduate Medical and Dental Educator Conference took place at Aintree Racecourse in Liverpool.  The theme of the conference was Professionalism & Excellence in Medical Education.   Resources from the day include the brochure and presentations from the speakers and workshops.  

Evidence Framework for Educators and Appraisers

Both the GMC and the AoME have described generic evidence that can be presented to demonstrate on-going development and standards as a trainer.  HEE (NW) has also produced further guidance which details slightly more specific ideas for the types of evidence you may collect. 

17th Ottowa Conference Report

Dr Jane Mamelok, Deputy Dean for Primary Medical Care and Public Health, attended and presented at the 17th Ottawa Conference on 19th - 23rd March 2016 in Perth, Western Australia.  


This report lays out the key learning from the event. 

Spring Educators Training & Development Event

This year's event was held on 17th & 18th May at Lancaster House Hotel.  The audience was made up of Deputy and Associate Deans and other HEE (NW) staff, DMEs, HoS, TPDs and MEMs.   

Please find attached the programme from the event along with presentations from the various sessions. 





FAQs: Recognition of Trainers in the North West

The GMC’s deadline for the recognition of trainers is fast approaching. Whilst some LEPs have the majority, or in some cases all trainers fully recognised, some organisations still have a great deal of work to do. 

Following a number of recent queries regarding the recoginition of trainers, HEE (NW) have produced these FAQs.

Trainer Standards Update

The GMC released their implementation plan for the recognition and approval of trainers in August 2012, which requires LETBs (i.e. HENW) as Learning Organisations to formally recognise trainers in their roles as Clinical and/or Educational Supervisors.  Following the integration of the Mersey and North Western deaneries one framework for the recognition of trainers will apply across HENW to ensure that the GMC standards are fully met by the July 2016 deadline.

Barbara Fredrickson

Barbara Fredrickson is an America Professor of Psychology at North Carolina. She has written extensively on positive emotions and links with resilience, and worked with Marcel Losado on the Losado ration. She has developed the broaden and build theory of positive emotions.


Barbara's book Positivity looks at 

  • Why positivity is more important than happiness
  • How it relieves depression, broadens minds, and builds lives
  • How to tap into your own sources of positivity


Current background and theories around resilience - Dr Rebecca Baron

Dr Rebecca Baron, Associate Postgraduate Dean for GP at Health Education England (North West Office) presented an overview of current background and theories around resilience and ideas of how to improve your own resilience.  This was recorded at the North West Medical Leadership School meeting in December 2015

Resilience Cartoon

A short video about resilience and managing stress in the healthcare workplace.