Educator Development

Senior Educators Induction

These slides have generic information on HEE NW: its structures, schools, processes and links.

They are for the induction of senior educators joining HEE NW, including DDs, ADs, HoS, TPDs, DMEs, FPDs, etc.

Supplementary material can be added depending on recipient and role.

If you would like a copy of the PowerPoint version of this presentation, please contact

Trainer Standards Updates

On this page, you can access the Trainer Standards Updates, which offer information regarding gaining and retaining recognition.


Learner Support & Faculty Development Newsletter

On this page, you can access any published Learner Support & Faculty Development Newsletters, which contain important updates around Educator Development, Leadership, Careers, and other happenings within Postgraduate HEE NW.


Associate Deans Workshop Directory

The HEE (NW) Associate Deans (ADs) are able to provide educational support in the following areas via a range of interventions i.e. workshops, presentations, lectures, etc. Some of these are available on a personal basis; others may be prepared by a Lead AD but delivered via other ADs.