ACFs in conjunction with University of Manchester

The Faculty of Biology, Medicine and Health at The University of Manchester has a long established ACF programme as outlined at We support a wide range of research opportunities and as part of your training you will receive bespoke academic training at the University and have the opportunity to undertake a range of postgraduate degree programmes. The Integrated Academic Training Team (ICAT) work with Health Education England North West and in close liaison with the NIHR Trainees Coordinating Centre (NIHR TCC) to provide this programme. 


The University of Manchester has 0 ACF vacancies available in Round 3.



General Contact Details:

For all University of Manchester queries, except for General Practice, please contact:

Email: or call 0161 268 9598


The Academic Lead for University of Manchester is Tom Blakeman



Academic Lead


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in order to contact them by email

Clinical Programme Lead


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Cardiovascular Medicine

Luigi Ventucci

Sanjay Sastry

Clinical Genetics

 William Newman

 Kate Chandler

Clinical Oncology

Ananya Choudhury

Joanna Coote

Diabetes and Endocrinology

Rachel Jennings

Ambar Basu


Richard Warren 

Helen Young

Emergency Medicine

Rick Body

Richard Parris


Shaheen Hamdy

Chris Summerton

General Practice

Tom Blakeman

Rebecca Baron

General Psychiatry

Nav Kapur 

Roshelle Ramkisson

General Surgery

Nigel Bundred

David van Dellen


Richard Byers 

 Edmund Cheesman

Intensive Care Medicine

Paul Dark

Ajmal Eusuf

Medical Oncology

Andrew Clamp

Saifee Mullamitha


Andrew King

Tahir Majeed


Andrew King

 Ankur Saxena

Obstetrics and Gynaecology

Edward Johnstone (Obstetrics)

Richard Edmondson (Gynaecology)

Rebekah Samangaya (ST1)

Old Age Psychiatry

Nav Kapur


Margaret Campbell


 Paul Bishop

Jane Ashworth 


Peter Arkwright

Sunil Bagewadi

Plastic Surgery

 Adam Reid

Srinivasan Iyer

Renal Medicine

Sandip Mitra

Ajay Dhaygude

Respiratory Medicine

Tim Felton

Mark Wilkinson


Anne Barton

Rachel Gorodkin


 Last updated: 14th July 2022