ACFs in conjunction with University of Liverpool

ACFs in conjunction with University of Liverpool

Round 1 2024 Vacancies


Specialty Theme No of Vacancies Grade Available 
Respiratory Medicine Response Mode 1 ST1 - ST3
General Surgery Response Mode 1 ST3 only
Histopathology Response Mode 1 ST3 or ST1 
Ophthalmology Response Mode 1 ST1 Only
Obs & Gyn Response Mode 1 ST2
GP (CPT) Digital 1 ST1 or ST2
CPT (GP) Digital 1 ST1 or ST4
Public Health Prevention & PH 1 ST1-ST3
Medical Oncology Clinical Theraeutics & Pharmacology & Industry 1 ST1
Endo & Diabs Multiple Long term conditions 1 ST1
General Psychiatry Mental Health 1 ST1 starts in core Psychiatry
Haematology   Haematology 1 ST1 or ST3



General Contact Details:

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Academic Programme Lead Contact Details


Specialty Academic Lead Email
General Practice Pr.Nefyn Williams 
Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics Pr.Mark Gabbay
Endocrinology and Diabetes Mellitus  Dr.Uazman Alam
Pr.Dan Cuthbertson
Public Health Medicine Pr.David Taylor-Robinson
Pr. Ben Barr 
General Psychiatry Pr.Dan Joyce 
General Surgery Pr.Chris Halloran
Pr.Paula Ghaneh 
Histopathology Pr.Keith Hunter
Pr.Sarah Coupland
Medical Oncology Pr.Christina Ottensmeier 
Dr.Lauren Walker 
Obstetrics & Gynaecology Pr.David Lissaeur 
Dr.Abi Merriel 
Ophthalmology Dr.Nick Beare 
Dr.Phil Burgees 
Respiratory Medicine Dr.Dan Wootton
Serena Chee

Last updated: 9th October 2023