SuppoRTT for Shielding Trainees

The SuppoRTT for Shielding Trainees Advisory Group (S-STAG) have developed the following resources for trainees who have been shielding due to COVID-19, and their trainers / supervisors.

AoMRC Pre-Return Planning Recommended Questions

These are the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges' (AoMRC) recommended questions and actions when planning a return to practice.  These have been taken from their Return to Practice Guidance (2017) which should be used during the SuppoRTT Pre-Return meeting.

NW SuppoRTT Guidance

The purpose of the Supported Return to Training (SuppoRTT) Guidance is to enhance the experience of doctors returning to clinical practice, enabling them to regain their confidence and previously required skills quickly and safely, significantly benefiting patient safety and quality of care.

Senior Educators Induction

These slides have generic information on HEE (NW): its structures, schools, processes and links.

They are for the induction of senior educators joining HEE (NW), including DDs, ADs, HoS, TPDs, DMEs, FPDs, etc.

Supplementary material can be added depending on recipient and role.

If you would like a copy of the PowerPoint version of this presentation, please contact

Learner Support & Faculty Development Newsletter

On this page, you can access any published Learner Support & Faculty Development Newsletters, which contain important updates around Educator Development, Leadership, Careers, and other happenings within Postgraduate HEE NW.


SuppoRTT Mentoring Guidance

It has been recognised that returning to clinical practice after a period of absence (planned or unplanned) can be challenging. HEE North West Office has therefore set up a mentoring scheme to support trainees returning after an absence of three months or more.  This guidance document is for the SuppoRTT Mentor and mentee (returning trainee) to establish their relationship.