Skills for communicating with Patients

This book is vital for health service managers and clinicians, in both purchaser and provider organizations, in community and hospital settings. It helps the reader understand the principles and purposes of casemix and provides practical examples of using casemix groupings to manage services better. Its lessons are not just for acute services, but provide a way of understanding the complete spectrum of services required for a wide range of conditions, from individuals at risk to those with irreversible and progressive disease.

Advanced Communication Skills - Reading List

Below is our list of the most important books in the literature of the consultation. However it is a very personal list and you will not need to have read a single word of any of these to gain value form the course.

Key Communication Skills

Article written by Peter Maguire & Cathryn Pitcealthy, published in the BMJ 28th September 2002 examines key communication skills required to be an outstanding communicator:  

"Good doctors communicate effectively with patients—they identify patients' problems more accurately, and patients are more satisfied with the care they receive. But what are the necessary communication skills and how can doctors acquire them?"

Teaching on the Run Tips - Series

Concise and fabulous - written for teachers in the front line - the 14 tips cover a wide range of clinical teaching topics.

The tips incorporate educational theory, practical information and ideas for implementation. Each topic is of high interest to doctors who are teaching in their practice.

Support 4 Doctors

Support4Doctors provides access to a wide range of specialist advice and support for doctors and their families. There are also links to organisations that can provide further help.

Find it at:

BMJ Careers


Click here to find 1000s of Hospital, Medical, GP, and NHS vacancies; plus medical courses, career-related advice and articles.


• Sci59 - Specialty Choice Inventory

Sci59 stands for Specialty Choice Inventory. It is an online careers interest inventory designed to measure peoples’ preferences to the 59 most common specialties recognised by the GMC.

Educational Appraisal Record

Prior to appraisal tables 1-6 should be completed by the appraisee and the form taken to the appraisal meeting where the appraiser will complete the shaded ‘Comments & Agreed Actions’ boxes.