It is recognised that some trainees leave training for unforeseen circumstances, but in the majority of cases trainees are aware that they are going to be taking some time out of their training beforehand.

In the 6-8 weeks leading up to your time out of training, it is recommended that you have a meeting with your supervisor or TPD to make a plan for your time out of training and subsequent return.

Using the *NEW* online Pre-absence form to guide you, this meeting should include discussions on the following:

  • How long you plan on being out of training (if known)
  • Where you will be returning to training (if known) Note it is strongly recommended that where possible, the trainee returns to the same placement they worked in prior to their absence.
  • Ways in which you may wish to keep in touch and stay informed during your time out, including ensuring an up to date email address is shared, if you agree to be contacted.
  • Options for Return to Training activities which may be helpful to you as you approach your return to training date.

Some useful links which may be helpful as you plan your time out of training are: 


Page updated 13th May 2024