Medical Leadership

Resilience Cartoon

A short video about resilience and managing stress in the healthcare workplace. 

Guidance on Evidence for Trainers Appraisers

To be recognised as a Clinical or Educational Supervisor trainers will be required to document evidence from the GMC domains to demonstrate their engagement in educational activity.  This document provides examples of evidence that can be used.

Educational Appraisal Record

Prior to appraisal tables 1-6 should be completed by the appraisee and the form taken to the appraisal meeting where the appraiser will complete the shaded ‘Comments & Agreed Actions’ boxes.

Education Development (Autumn 2015 Issue)

This is the first issue of Education Development, a newsletter update of workstreams, activities and events of the Education Development team at HEE (NW)’s Postgraduate Medical and Dental Education department. 

Professional Standards for medical, dental and veterinary educators

The Academy of Medical Educators recognises that medical education is distinct from teaching in higher education in general because of the central place that patient care occupies not only in teaching and learning but also in assessment and feedback, and in quality assurance.

They set out to become the Standard setting body for medical educators in the UK. In 2009, they achieved this aim with the publication of the Professional Standards that define the level of competence that medical educators should achieve at each point in their careers.

Promoting Excellence: GMC External Resource (Slides)

The GMC has prepared a set of slides to support the launch of the new standards which our education partners can use to introduce the new standards to trainers and others involved in educating and training medical students and doctors.  It is recommend that these are looked at conjunction with the FAQs for full background details.

The Gold Guide (6th Edition)

This Reference Guide is for Postgraduate Specialty Training in the UK and is applicable to all trainees (StRs) taking up appointments in specialty (including GP) training which commenced on or after 1 August 2007. The 6th edition published on 17th February 2016 replaces all previous editions of the Gold Guide with immediate effect.


You can visit the COPMED website to download a copy of this document or click on the resource link below.

Promoting Excellence: standards for medical education and training

These standards produced by the General Medical Council (GMC) set out requirements for the management and delivery of undergraduate and postgraduate medical education and training.

These standards come into effect on 1 January 2016 and will supersede the previous standards in Tomorrow’s Doctors and The Trainee Doctor.


Please visit the GMC website to download a copy of this document or click on the resource link below.