Nicholas Taylor

Nick Taylor
Dental Dean
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Lucy Buckley
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I come from a primary care dental background having been a partner until recently in two practices, I came out of clinical practice in 2012 and continue to be a partner in an enhanced training practice.

During my career I have worked in the hospital service and on a primary care trust  Professional Executive Committee.  I started in education as a District Dental Tutor in 1995, and have twenty years’ experience as a Vocational/Foundation Trainer.  I became Director of Postgraduate Education in the North Western Deanery in 2010.

My role as the Director covers Foundation Training, Dental Core Training, Conduct and Performance, Specialty Training, and the training, maintenance and development of the current workforce to cover the needs of service provision.

As a team we work closely with Public Health England and NHS England  Area Teams, in Manchester, Lancashire and Cumbria through the Local Dental Networks to provide needs led education and workforce development.

Nationally I’m Vice Chair of the Committee of Postgraduate Deans and Directors that represents Dental Education in the UK, also Lead Dean for Special Care Dentistry.  As a Team we host the Manchester Centre for National Recruitment for Foundation Training.

My research interests have been around clinical leadership and practical skills testing.