'SAS Doctors Supporting LEDs in Difficulty'

SAS Event Date: 
Friday, 3 September 2021 - 8:00am to 4:00pm
General Information: 

Course Title: SAS doctors supporting LEDs in difficulty
1 day - 6 CPD points or 6 hours of learning

Course Aims:
Supervisors of trainees within the NHS have a clear mandate and commitment to working closely with them in helping them achieve their goals and standards.
Over the past six years, SAS and LEDs have consistently made up a sizeable proportion of the total number of licensed doctors working in the UK. Despite just under a fifth of doctors working in this way, previous analysis has treated the group as a single entity.
Therefore, it is imperative that each have the knowledge and skills to support and help their colleagues, and importantly to understand their role in escalating their concerns.
Within this programme, doctors will explore how to be pro-active in determining when their trainee is in difficulty and the remedial action to take to ensure they get back on track, using GMC protocols and processes.
This programme fulfils the domain criteria for doctors of Continuing Professional Development (domain 7) as an educator.

Programme agenda:
Welcome, introduction, review personal objectives
Module 1: Roles and Responsibilities of LED’s: What is expected?
- An understanding of where the LED’s fit
- Sample job descriptions
Module 2: Early Identification and Intervention:
Looking for early warning signs
Domains 1,2,3,4,5,6
Disappearing Acts
Domains 1,4,5,6
Career issues
Domains 1,5,6
Insight failures
Domains 1,2,5,6
Determining their own issues
Domains 1,2,3
Module 3: Mentoring and coaching to support:
What are the differences?
Building skills
Determining routes to resolution
Searching for underlying causes
Domains 1,6
Key areas to explore
Domains 1,4
Issues, problems and solutions
Domains 1,2,5,6
Module 4: Management Protocols
Meeting Records
Domains 1
Action planning and plans
Domains 1,5,6
Remedial Pathways and Processes
Domains 1,5,6
Trainee Educational Plan and Exit Report
Domains 1,4,5,6
Record of Learning & Action Plans for Reflection

Learning objectives:
By the end of this programme, delegates will be able to:
• Name 4 descriptors of the LED role
• Outline 10 causes for performance which you may detect as early warning signs
• Define 4 key areas that may be researched as part of a n assessment process
• Name 5 of the GMC protocols which should be undertaken to provide ‘evidence’ of an effective plan of action for trainees
• Build a ‘live’ action plan to remedy trainee's performance (if needed)
NB: this workshop will highlight for the delegates which of the 7 domains for Educational Excellence
(As outlined by the Academy of Medical Educators and the GMC) they are covering at each stage.