Undermining and Bullying of SAS Doctors

SAS Event Date: 
Friday, 11 February 2022 - 9:00am to 5:00pm
General Information: 

Learning Outcomes: At the end of this programme, the delegate can:
 Understand the Harassment 1997 Act and its clear outlines in law
 Define what all three topics mean
 List common examples of being undermined, harassment and bullying to enable a strategy to be implemented in their work-place
 Understand differences between direct and indirect harassment and bullying
 List some of the reasons why we rely on these strategies to inflict misery on our fellow human beings
The Programme Includes:
 Introduction to Harassment Act 1997
 Defining Undermining, Harassment and Bullying
 Direct and indirect discrimination
 What you have a right to expect
 Strategies for dealing with being undermined, harassment and bullying

In order to book your place on this course, please contact: pgmecourses@elht.nhs.uk