Short Courses for Senior Trainees and Educators

***Important information for 2018-19***

There are no courses available at the moment; please stand by for updates.

Listed below are courses that we have previously run to show you what we have provided in the past.


Past courses

Advanced Communication Skills (2 Day Course)


Fully Booked: Wednesday 16th & Thursday 17th November 2016 (Manchester Conference Centre)

Fully Booked: Tuesday 10th & Wednesday 11th January 2017 (Radisson Blu Hotel Liverpool)


An interactive two day workshop with a focus on the following learning objectives:

  • To improve knowledge of, and gain a working mastery of, the Calgary Cambridge consultation framework
  • To learn and enhance clinical behaviours, with patients and colleagues
  • To increase knowledge of the Agenda-led Outcome-based feedback model for applying within own teaching 


(To allow participants the best learning experience, this course will focus on individual development rather than adopting a championing / cascade approach).


Comments from previous delegates:

"The course was really outstanding and the course moderator was able to engage us in a way I have never had in previous courses."

"I have enjoyed the course. The facilitator was very skilled and sensible and involved all of us in the practical sessions. Good use of my time!" 


Effective Teaching Skills (2 Day Course)


Fully Booked: Wednesday 14th & Thursday 15th December 2016 (Manchester Conference Centre)

Fully Booked: Tuesday 21st & Wednesday 22nd February 2017 (Radisson Blu Hotel Liverpool)


An interactive two day workshop for educators with existing teaching experience who wish to develop their skills further. Learning objectives include:

  • To increase knowledge and skills in planning formal teaching episodes
  • To enhance skills in working with learning audiences
  • To increase knowledge and skills in teaching clinically in one-to-one situations


Comments from previous delegates:

"Excellent course, 2 days allowed for an appropriate pace and for a balance between theory and group practice, lecturer was very good, informative and clearly had a wealth of experience, more credibility than most."

"Excellent course, outstanding facilitator, well-paced and focused course"


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