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The Recorded Consultation Assessment (RCA) is a summative assessment component of the MRCGP taken in ST3 but preparation should take place from your earliest GP post.   

Detailed information is on the RCA section of the RCGP website and a thorough understanding of the requirements is vital and you should frequently refer to this: 

Click here to access RCGP website information on the RCA

In the North West we have created a guide for you and your trainer which we hope will be helpful, which can be downloaded from these links: 

RCA Guidance:

RCA Summary for Trainers (please click image below):

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RCA Summary for Doctors in Training (Please click image below):

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Candidates should be aware of this important guidance on conduct: 

Click here for the Candidate Conduct in MRCGP Recorded Consultation Assessment Document

North West England Consultation Toolkit:

The North West England Consultation Toolkit was devised by Dr Anne Hawkridge and Dr David Molyneux who are experienced RCA RCGP examiners.  It has been used as part of our award winning SOX support and we believe it is an excellent resource to help you in your RCA preparation.  It contains a consultation overview and tips on improving your performance in consultation skills.  The Red/Amber/Green rating grid will help you in your self assessment of consultations.  

An interactive version of the toolkit is accessible on Fourteen Fish and is available as part of the RCA Plus package.  A guide on using the toolkit is described in this video: 

Fouteen Fish Toolkit Video:

A PDF version of the toolkit is here (please click the image below): 

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Getting ahead with RCA/SCA preparation in ST1/2

The ST3 year can be extremely busy and it’s good to commence your preparation early.  As such we would encourage you to participate in the Three Consultation Analysis (3CA) from 3 months in your first GP or GP+ post.   

The Three Consultation Analysis (3CA) will allow you to submit 3 consultation recordings to an experienced SOX educator, who will help you to understand how your consultations perform compared with those of your peers and if they feel you would benefit from early tutorial support from them, they will arrange this with you and your supervisor.  Our North West SOX interventions have been published and evidence the excellent impact on performance in the exam: 

Click here to view published evidence on the North West SOX intervention  

So do take advantage of this valuable opportunity early in your training, to help you to get ahead. 

A video guide on how to access 3CA is available here and watch out for the email you’ll receive if you’re in a GP post in ST1/2: 


Virtual Primary Care (VPC) 

All ST1s (whether in a GP or hospital post) can access the Virtual Primary Care platform.  This gives you access to 150 real GP consultations with tips, guidelines and learning materials covering a wide range of curriculum areas.  We recommend you use this platform for individual learning and learning with your GP Clinical Supervisor and Programme Educators.  Since there are so many consultations do commence use of the platform early and plan how you will cover all of the materials as this is only available currently in the ST1 year. 

You’ll receive an email on how to register and access this but if you have any issues, email the GP school on gptraining.nw@hee.nhs.uk 

The login page is: 

Click here for the login page to Virtual Primary Care 

Please note that it takes a few days following you first accessing the site for you to see the videos. 

Teaching and Learning Consultation Skills (TALC)   

TALC is a valuable resource produced by Dr Avril Danczak, an experienced North West educator, along with her TALC team.  It is an excellent set of learning modules which will help you in developing your consultation skills.   

You’ll find useful reading materials along with podcasts and videos which will help you in your development to become a truly excellent consulter! 

You can access the TALC resources here  

RCA ST3 Top Tips Sessions

If  you are an ST3 and preparing for your exam, come along to one of our lunchtime online sessions where you'll receive top tips on your preparation regional from experiences regional tutors. There will be the very latest guidance ans we'll share our tips on maximising your chances of success!