Induction & Refresher Scheme (I&R)

The GP Induction & Refresher Scheme

Are you looking to join or return to the NHS in England as a GP?

Whether you have NHS experience or not, the I&R scheme is designed to provide a safe, supported and direct route for qualified GPs to join or return to the NHS as general practitioners.

For an up to date summary, information and application form please follow the link below.

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The scheme is designed for GPs who have previously been on the GMC Register and NHS England’s Medical Performers List (MPL) and would like to return to general practice after a career break, raising a family or time spent working abroad.

The scheme also supports the safe introduction of overseas GPs who have qualified outside the UK and have no previous NHS experience.

All GPs are required to be on NHS England’s MPL before they can practise. The I&R scheme has to be completed before GPs can be approved for full inclusion on to the MPL as an independent general practitioner.

GPs not currently working in general practice can apply to return to the MPL for up to two years after which they will need to apply to join again and complete the GP Induction and Refresher Scheme.

Application is via the NRO through the above link. All GPs have an educational review prior to entering the scheme.

GPs that work for 2 years in the UK post CCT, have 2 appraisals and move abroad for less than 5 years and work in a similar role abroad can use the portfolio route which involved submission of a portfolio to the RCGP (very similar to appraisal documentation), followed by a 1 month paid placement.

GPs that have worked for less than 2 yrs post CCT in the UK before moving, who moved away more than 5 years ago or who have had a career break from general practice need to do the assessment route.

Assessment route involves an MCQ paper. Dependent on the results of this, some applicants need to sit a simulated surgery. Following successful completion of one or both of these a paid placement of between 1 and 6 months in a training practice completes the scheme.

The MCQ can be done abroad at a Pearson Vue centre, so you only need to return the UK for the simulate surgery and placement.

Step-by-step guide

For more information, please read the quick step by step guide to the Induction and Refresher scheme on the NRO website - click here 

There are a few steps you will need to undertake to be able to register and work as a GP in the NHS. This is a brief summary to help you understand all the steps required under the GP I&R scheme.


  1. If you qualified outside the UK, you will need to contact the GMC for Registration of your EU qualifications or if outside the EU (CEGPR) and you will also require a Licence to practice as a GP. There is a lot of paperwork so please read through their site carefully - GMC Website
  2. You will also need to apply for the GP Induction and Refresher scheme. Details on this can be found on the National Recruitment Office website.

Once your application has been processed, your details will be passed to an I&R lead in the area you intend to practise. They will arrange an appointment to review your previous training and experience and advise on the next steps.

Once you have been accepted onto the scheme, the I&R lead will guide you through the learning needs assessment outlined in the diagram below.

And you will also need to apply for the National Medical Performers List (MPL). There is from September 2016 a single NHS England team (Cheshire and Mersey) leading on this who will manage your initial application for the MPL and deal with all your enquiries. Once you have completed the assessments as required your MPL registration will be passed to the Local NHS England team.

Further information and Registration Forms are available from the National Recruitment Office website - click here