Out of Hours

Developing competence in providing acute care out of hours is an essential part of GP training. COGPED (Committee of GP Education Directors) stipulates that all trainees in GP posts should do a minimum of 1 session per month of whole time equivalent training.

All trainees in ST3 should complete a minimum of 12 sessions in the training year.

All trainees in 6 month wte ST1 or ST2 GP posts (this includes GP+ and ITP posts that do not have an out of hours component of the secondary care element) must complete a minimum of 6 sessions in out of hours in that post. Trainees in GP+ posts or ITPs that have an out of hours commitment in the secondary care component may complete the out of hours sessions in that component (these sessions must also be recorded using the method outlined below).

If less than 6 sessions are done in ST1 /ST2 then extra sessions will need to be done in ST3 to ensure the full 18 sessions have been completed.

All out of hours sessions should be recorded in the learning log of the e-portfolio.

At the end of each sessions completed you should ask your supervisor to complete the out of hours logbook for that session. You should scan this document and attach it to your learning log entry. Your educational supervisor will need to sign off your competency in out of hours and will need to see this evidence.

The out of hours logbook can be downloaded here.