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HEENW GP School aims to train and support more GPs to become Supervisors. Becoming a Supervisor can help your practice development as well as supporting your professional development. In order to become a Supervisor you need to follow the 3-Step Trainer Journey, starting  with the Foundation Supervisors Course, then completing the GP Clinical Supervisors Course and finally the Educational Supervisors Course.


The Foundation Supervisors Course is a 2 day course witha focus on the principles of Supervison and teh curriculum.


The 1 day GP Clinical Supervisors Course builds on the knowledge from the Foundations Supervisor Course with an introduction tothe GP curricum and Portfolio.


The Educational Supervisors Course consists of three 2 day modules. 


You can access a copy of our Trainer Journey Document at the top of the page.


After all courses you will require an approval meeting with your local Associate Dean.  These are usually held virtually.


If your practice is new to training you will also need to complete the Unified Learning Environment approval process.

If you have any questions regarding th Supervisor Journey please email the North West GP School -