HENW GP School aims to train and support more GPs to become trainers. Becoming a trainer can help your practice development as well as supporting your professional development. In order to become a trainer you need to:

  • Attend the Educational Supervisors Course (previously called the Basic Trainers Course). The course consists of three 2 day modules and each module concentrates on different areas to develop, starting with preparing the practice for training.
  • Have achieved the standards required of training practices and have received a practice visit from your local associate director to assess your practice and education plans
  • be approved at interview
The process is set out in the document below -
This may all sound daunting, so we are here to help. Please email Emma Brady for further advice and support.



The learning environment is vital to the development of the learner. As you will see from the 'Criteria for Training' document, the practice where the learning takes place needs to be physically suitable for training and also provide the psychological milieu to develop the learner. The learning environment is not just the bricks & mortar, the equipment, IT facilities and comfy chairs (which do help!) - it incorporates the team that works within, their understanding of training and curriculum, the practice policies, protocols, governance and ethos.

The GP School 'Criteria for Training' document sets standards expected for training -

Criteria for Training

Resource List

The process of getting accredited as a GP Trainer needs the completion of the Trainer Accreditation form. While this may look long and complicated, it is intended as an exercise in preparing the prospective Trainer in understanding their own attributes as well the aspects of their learning environment. You only have to do this once as the details will be stored in our database.

We understand in multiple trainer practices this form would have been filled in already by the pre-existing Trainers. However, it is really useful for the new Trainer to familiarise with the criteria for training document and to complete the accreditation form themselves.

Trainer Accreditation Form

During the course of the Basic Trainer’s course, it will help to liaise with the patch Programme Director and/or the Associate Director in order to plan your timetable towards approval.

Once you have completed the form and returned it to the GP Programme Administrator, you will be contacted to arranged a practice visit.  This is the programme for a practice visit, to assist you in preparing -

Practice Visit Programme



At the end of your first year as an approved GP Trainer you will have your one year review. This will be arranged by the GP Programme Administrator who will email you with notification that this is due. You will either be invited to attend one of the GP School offices for review, or the Associate Dean will visit you at your practice.

Prior to your review, you will need to complete the ‘Trainer Reaccreditation and Appraisal’ form and submit a CBD. Instructions as to what to prepare will be sent to you via email by the GP Programme Administrator when arranging the review.

Providing your review is satisfactory, you will then be reapproved for a longer period of time (maximum three years).  This process is then repeated each time your approval period comes to an end.

The documents you will need to complete are below -

First Year Reaccreditation & Appraisal Form

Learning Environment Self Evaluation and Action Form

GPST Feedback Form

Learning Environment CQC Response


The GP School now operates a Review Panel process for Trainer Reaccreditation. The Panel will look for evidence under the GMC Domains for Trainer Standards (see guidance below). The Panel will look for at least one piece of evidence under each of the domains. You will not be required to attend in person in the first instance unless the panel outcome suggests it.

Successful demonstration of these Domains in your reaccreditation form will enable us to reapprove you as a Trainer, and you will receive confirmation and feedback after the Panel date.

The guidelines and documents you will need are below -


Panel Guidelines

Trainer Panel Reaccreditation & Appraisal form

GPST Feedback Form

Learning Environment Self Evaluation and Action Form

Learning Environment CQC Response