HEENW GP School aims to train and support more GPs to become Educational Supervisors. Becoming an Educational Supervisor can help your practice development as well as supporting your professional development. In order to become an Educational Supervisor you need to follow the 3-Step Trainer Journey, which ends with the Educational Supervisors Course.


The Educational Supervisors Course consists of three 2 day modules. Once you have completed the course and passed your final module with UCLan, the next stage is a Practice Visit.

Practice Visits may be done virtually or in person. Your Programme Associate Dean or a Local Lead Educator will assess your suitablity as a trainer and the suitability of your Practice as an learning enviroment.


The process for becoming an Educational Supervisor is set out in the documents below -
If you have any queries with this process please email the North West GP School -



The learning environment is vital to the development of the learner. The Criteria for Training document identifies the requirements that need to be met, please see the below link.

The process for being accredited as an Educational Supervisor requires the completion of the Trainer Accreditation form. This form will be used by the Associate Dean or Lead Educator during the virtual visit required to approve you as a trainer.

Trainer Accreditation Form

Once you have completed the form and returned it to the North West GP School Admin email address (, you will be contacted to arranged a practice visit.  This is the programme for a practice visit, to assist you in preparing -

Practice Visit Programme



At the end of your first year as an approved Educational Supervisor you will have your one year review. This will involve a new practice visit by the Associate Dean or Lead Educator.

Prior to your review, you will need to complete the ‘Trainer Reaccreditation and Appraisal’ form and submit a CBD video to IRIS Connect.

Providing your review is satisfactory, you will then be reapproved for a longer period of time (maximum five years).  This process is then repeated each time your approval period comes to an end.

The documents you will need to complete your first year review are below -

First Year Reaccreditation & Appraisal Form

Learning Environment Self Evaluation and Action Form

GPST Feedback Form

Learning Environment CQC Response


The GP School now operates a Review Panel process for Trainer Reaccreditation. The Panel will look for evidence under the GMC Domains for Trainer Standards (see guidance below). The Panel will look for at least one piece of evidence under each of the domains. You will not be required to attend in person in the first instance unless the panel outcome suggests it.

Successful demonstration of these Domains in your reaccreditation form will enable us to reapprove you as a Trainer, and you will receive confirmation and feedback after the Panel date.

The guidelines and documents you will need are below -


Panel Guidelines

Trainer Panel Reaccreditation & Appraisal form

GPST Feedback Form

Learning Environment Self Evaluation and Action Form

Learning Environment CQC Response